Battlefield 4 Will Be Having a Modern Day Setting, Bad Company Title in near future a Possibility

Not sure if people would like it or not, but it has been confirmed that Battlefield 4 will take place in a modern day setting and also there are chances of a Bad Company game in near future.

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Npugz72199d ago

I'm ok with that! I think 1 more modern day battlefield is good and than move on to future warfare after that! Maybe bad company 3 will be in the future.

Hufandpuf2199d ago

I think a future setting would be more appropriate. Who wouldn't want to play 2142 on the frostbite 2 engine.

I really think EA is bringing DICE down and I hope they aren't suppressing their freedom like they have been doing to other devs lately.

Hazmat132199d ago

im more interested in Bad Company 3. battlefield 3 is awesome, but its no BC. lol

FinaLXiii2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

bf4 might be more about destruction who knows and maybe there will be a awesome T-rex survival mode! :D

pwneddemocrat2199d ago

Not another modern settings. How original.

Any settings, even old 1800's settings are fine, just not modern times pahaaalease.

Reverent2199d ago

Almost every time setting has been over used, stop complaining lol.

How about a time setting that is so far into the future that the concept of time has basically been ripped apart and started over from scratch, then fast forwarding back into the future of that new time generation to what will become a new exotic reality? lol.

glennco2199d ago

go play something else then

pwneddemocrat2198d ago

The old " go play something else," argument.

How can you play something else if the most successful franchises in FPS that control the way every other FPS game are using unimaginative settings?

CoD MW used Modern Settings, it was a success. Now every FPS game is in modern times, see how the cycle works? so i can't play something else can i? Because something like Borderlines or Bioshock comes rarely.

Troll arguments.

RaidoUK2199d ago

This makes me rage... we just got bf3 we dont need the same damn game again just so EA can make more money.... i wouldnt have mind if it was 2143 we are overdue for that, its just the fact its going to be a redo of bf3 just like every COD is a the same game over and over that idiots will pay for...

EA saw activisions big tasty money cake and they wanted in

im 100% sure that we have witnessed the rise of gaming and the selling of its soul now the games industry is just as artistic as the music industry......

what im trying to say is COD may as well be Justin beiber and battlefield JLS

glennco2199d ago

bf4 should be next-gen on consoles or forget about it. i am hoping bf3 is the last bf game with 24 player max.

_-EDMIX-_2199d ago

If its on PC, its is considered "Next Gen". The frostbite 2 engine on PC has already been said by DICE and EA to be a next gen engine.

Thus if its on PS3/360, its just going to be a scaled down version like BF3 was on PS3/360. BF4 is almost 100% likely to be using FrostBite 2.0 so..

Mind you techically it can have 5 versions, PC, 360/PS3, PS4/720.

People can say (hell no, thats never going to happen, um...BF2 anyone?) Didn't make it on PS3, but was on XB, PS2, 360 AND PC. With this engine i can see that happening a lot easier. If you want the "next gen" features, get a PC or get the PS4/720 version.

But PC is always considered Next Gen by default in terms of tech. (its neither current or next, but rather a mixture of the 2)

_-EDMIX-_2199d ago

Also the whole "24 player max" thing will always happen with consoles.

Lets say PS4/720 get a BF4 with 70 max players, what about BF5?

If DICE wants to make such a thing happen with BF5 or BF 2143 or what ever, and they want something like 250 or what ever players, the consoles will not get such a feature. Its just the way gaming is. Consoles are nothing more then dated PC's by the time the gen is ending or in the middle, thus developers have to make there best offerings on PC.


Why NOT?

What one would be asking, would be to lesson a version of a game JUST to make them equal when in reality, it really means very little to the other side. PS4 or 720 owners are not some how getting a bad game, they are just not getting what the PC is getting, not because of DICE or a developer but because of the limitations of the hardware they are running. Theres nothing to be done about such a thing. Publishers need to be able to make money too. Why "gimp" a game on ALL versions just because someone playing on the lessor will complain, its literally suggesting that what they don't know doesn't seem to hurt them so lets just not make a better version cause they will get mad.

Stupid. Its not going to happen, EA and really any 3rd party developer has to worry about competition. You don't think EA is worried about SOE's Planetside 2?

Thats something they now have to compete with and they are not gimping a PC version of BF to not hear someone whine.

BF will have a higher player count in the future on PC after BF4 if not with BF4. It can never be equal on consoles no matter how powerful the next consoles are going to be. Because PC gets better tech EVERY YEAR, consoles release only once. They are at a technical disadvantage by default. If your hoping for a BF game or really any game for that matter to not have techical limitations on a consoles your "hoping" for the wrong thing. Buy a PC along with your consoles to have the best of both worlds....i did.

Played BF 1942/BF2/BF 2142 on PC, played BFBC1 and BFBC2 on PS3...built a new PC a year before BF3 released JUST for BF3! Knowing BF3 was going to have 64 players, i already started planning a build.

Though i love gaming on consoles, i love gaming period MORE! If i want the best features, i'm going to go all out to get them. It was very much worth it too.