OXM - Jade Raymond: male fantasies, Splinter Cell and grown-up gaming

OXM - The queen of Tom Clancy on the industry's future.

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solidboss2230d ago

the queen of splinter cell? i think not. blacklist is her first splinter cell game as producer, lets see if her direction has what it takes to make SC top stealth game.

now queen of assassins creed? thats more like it

user54670072230d ago

"lets see if her direction has what it takes to make SC top stealth game."

If she fails...this will hurt her rep pretty bad

I mean it's already off to a bad start...action like, not enough stealth, no Ironside. Obviously not enough to judge yet but it's not looking good

I mean for me the whole no Ironside thing is what has p*ssed me off. It's like Nolan North being replaced in Uncharted. I think it's Ubisoft being tight with money, it would cost too much to get Ironside to do motion capturing so they made up an excuse that he's too old even though you have Richard Mcgonagle who plays Sully in Uncharted do motion acting and he's older then Ironside.

cleft52230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

She isn't queen of anything. She is the boss and thats a big step up. Unfortunately, so far it looks like her only talent is bringing attention to a game because of her pretty face. Really it's sad, because she probably has talent but she only gets used for her looks. At least, thats how it seems to me. I hope her work on this game shows everyone that she has a lot of talent and not just a pretty face.

Tyre2230d ago

She's contradicts herself in the most transparent way. Jade u know this ur story is jaded... for example:1st u say 'Honestly, I think we are underestimating our audience' and then u say 'You have to master face buttons, triggers and they all do different things, so obviously we're never going to get to that really mass-market place where we're touching a really broad audience with our messages with controllers'...WHAT??? Ur lying and corporations are talking through talks, sorry Jade i thought u were more intelligent than this and i thought u had the unbiased passion for making great games, u dissapoint me.

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JasonBloodbourne2230d ago

I was thinking the same thing mate! She'd definitely get it!

GamerElite2230d ago

She used to be hot, but now her faced changed a lot.

Tainted Gene2230d ago


cleft52230d ago

So she is the queen of Tom Clancy's future now. Jesus christ people, she is good looking but do we all need to act like we have never seen a girl before. Ugh, I really wish I could just take her seriously but any time she comes up their is always some reference to her gender. It's just annoying.

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