How to Avoid Being a Creep in Online Gaming

Chances are you know someone in your guild or clan that has crossed the boundaries from friendly to creepy. Here are some tips for online gamers to keep their behavior in check (along with a few horror stories), keep their friends, and have a great time without being clingy.

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TheFinalEpisode2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I find it funny when a guy starts flirting with a "girl" he doesn't even know in a game, especially at PSHome... I was a bit of a troll myself, Some people actually believed me when I said I was a Victoria's Secret model!xD

StayStatic2231d ago

lmao , on the flip side I know of a few people who got met through wow and got married , which is kinda crazy.

Reverent2231d ago

"kinda" crazy? Understatement^ Lol

acemonkey2231d ago

PShome is the worst make a girl avatar walk around and see how many guys chase you saying are you female? can i date you? lol Naughty pics? but i hit on girls online and 96% of them are into it so lol

TheFinalEpisode2231d ago

So true! as if a girl would put her naughty pics in a Ps3 so she could look at them in an HDTV xD

Blastoise2231d ago

That was such a great episode of south park

one2thr2231d ago

"Mum!... mum!... buthroom!... buthroom!..." lol

palaeomerus2231d ago

Play games online. Don't try to live your life there.