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gamrReview: "Ultimately, even after playing Playstation All-Stars for myself, I’m still not sure what we’re going to get from this game. There will certainly be more game modes and options in the full release, but what I got to experience in the beta was underwhelming. Hopefully the full experience will be much better when Playstation All-Stars releases this Fall."

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capjacksparrow2228d ago

At the guy, not the game. I friggin love the beta.

kane_13712228d ago

Your opinon dude, not mine.
i loved it!

Scrafty3692228d ago

The problem with the game so far is that the PR is focusing on the 3-minute free-for-all much more than any of the other modes. I think the reverse-stock mode (first to X number of kills) would do a better job at justifying the "kills by supers only" mechanic. Among many other reasons, the time mode kind of sucks because it seems more about luck than skill, and there's less of a consequence for being hit with normal attacks.

telekineticmantis2228d ago

Instead of just defining it as how well they remade Smash Bros(which he still does in a sense), he spoke about things he thought they could do better.

It seems many journalists won't allow this game to have it's own Identity. I could really use some opinions that tell me what they think this game is doing wrong on it's own merit.

This game is not a sumo ring fighter, it's a Brawler and as a Brawler I think it has the perfect formula to be as balanced and competitive as a brawler can be. If Smash Bros is a Better Party game, this game will definitely be a better fighting game, that's the difference.

smashcrashbash2228d ago

I am sure the extra modes will add more bite to the game. So far we have only seen timed mode so far and according to the leaks there are many more. People have to remember that it is only a beta version of the game with limited options. It isn't even a current build of the game. You don't have all the modes, characters or weapons.

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