Ken Shamrock Announced For WWE ’13

Ken Shamrock Announced For WWE ’13

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Relientk772112d ago

Ken Shamrock the most dangerous man in the world

pompombrum2112d ago

Second most dangerous man in the world next to Tito.. or 3rd 4th 5th 6th if you take into account the amount of people who have beaten Tito since their rivalry.

mafiahajeri2112d ago

You obviously haven't been acquainted with Fedor. Check out 3:09 my personal favorite...

pompombrum2112d ago

Hendo? Werdum?

I was just referencing to the epic rivalry between Shamrock and Ortiz to be honest.

zeal0us2112d ago

Dang they bringing back a lot of people

showtimefolks2112d ago

when he was in wwf for a short time it was a lot of fun. I hope wwe 13 lives up to the hype and what Attitude Era actually accomplished

attitude era is the reason wrestling is where it is today so THQ have a lot to live up to with wwe 13, its truly sad that all the best wrestling games came out last gen or the gen before. But i am keeping an open mind and hoping for best with wwe 13

Christo2112d ago

Yay, feud with Shamrock vs Rocky Maivia :)

To bad Owen Hart most likely won't be in though :( Good ol' Lion's Den with Shamrock was awesome.

Owen + Jarrett with Debra, one of my favourite tag teams in the Attitude Era.

BlaqMagiq242112d ago

That was SummerSlam 98, the Lions Den match I mean. I went to that one when I was a little kid. Oh the memories.

pompombrum2112d ago

He'll fit right in with all the other roid abusing junkies.

pandaboy2112d ago

Funny that steroid users get called junkies and are looked down upon yet alcohol users are viewed as the cool guys despite the fact alcohol is a far worse drug.

kanetheking2112d ago

i don't drink or do drugs or smoke so i can look down on everyone naa i can't be asked to do so =)

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