'Darksiders 2' Preview l Player Affinity

Darksiders II's gameplay will feel very familiar to fans of the action-RPG genre. The mechanics feel like a mixture of Kingdoms of Amalur, God of War and even The Legend of Zelda. As in the original game, the game will mix a blend of melee combat and ranged attacks, giving players a multitude of weapon options, including a gun with different ammo types. On-screen numbers float up after each blow is dealt, giving players feedback on critical hits, damage-over-time effects and elemental damage.

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ThanatosDMC2047d ago

What's that raven on his shoulder do? Is that a weapon too?

TerraMantis2041d ago

That is Dust, if you hit a specific button the bird will help guide the player to the next location to progress farther in the game.