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League of Legends: Why it is so Successful and How the Community is Ruining it.

League of Legends is a very successful game and has done a lot to improve the gaming industry. However, it does have a few fatal flaws to it concerning the community and how you are able to deal with the community.

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Community2287d ago
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dasbeer882287d ago

League of Legends is the RTS where...the inner angry beast just manifests outside the player's body. If one mere mistake occurs, everyone will rage about it.

Raf1k12287d ago

I've mainly play co-op against bots. I've only played PVP twice and the first time I sucked but we won and everyone was alright. The second time I did rather well so no-one would have complained either way.

Messing up in this game does usually get people very angry at you or so I've heard but I play on EU West and so far the players on there have been pretty good.

AlexSpriggs2287d ago

I have never played on the EU West server. But that is pretty good to hear. After you play a few more games let me know if it gets any worse. My first couple of games were fine too, but the more I played the worse it got.

lifesanrpg2287d ago

It's not just the LoL community. It's the elite gamer mentality, and all games have them. Watching the pros makes me sick b/c they act like they are gods.

AlexSpriggs2287d ago

I agree. I just think League has a worse problem with it because unless you want to risk getting banned, you have to deal with them for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Raf1k12287d ago

I go suspended for leaving once and the other time it was simply down to my router randomly restarting. I have to be careful to try and play when I think my router will be OK else I end up losing my account.

I understand it's a very team focused game but if I lose connection it should be possible for someone else to join starting at the average lvl of the people currently in the game.
Also, If it's a game against bots then I don't think the punishment should be as severe.

Capt-FuzzyPants2287d ago

Yeah if someone is bitching at me to stop dying or is trying to control the team then I usually just start messing around. If I guy tries to lead and is a major douche about it everyone on the team usually starts to mess with him just to piss him off.

Euphio2287d ago

If people are ruining LOL for me nothing beats a Tanky Teemo and shift+3 on the nexus.