Sleeping Dogs – DLC Available Tomorrow During Launch Day

There will be a range of new downloads available at launch to help players get ahead of the game, including the 80s-inspired Retro Triad Pack, a killer old school outfit with its own player buffs and funky kung-fu van. New content packs are planned from September, beginning with a high-speed Racing Pack and an explosive SWAT Pack – further announcements to follow soon.

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jc485732228d ago

I really want to know how Chinese or Hong Kong people feel about this game. I was fine with Shenmue 2 for being light hearted, but I think this game tries very hard to remind me some of the triad films I've watched over and over again. Can they do it? I only hope to see some John Woo moments.

MWong2228d ago

I think that's a blend of what they were going for. I want to see all the environment kills and can't wait to see how much you can really do in this game. I just hope the main story isn't bland.

Blastoise2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Day 1 DLC annoys me


so this game is going to receive a lot " The game is like GTA and Saints Row but with some modifications that make it stand out from the rest.............4/10 from EDGE

SolidDuck2228d ago

Right but I'm pretty sure edge just draws out of a hat to give a score. There known for being the most inconsistent reviewers ever.

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