PlayStation Plus Update: Outland and Bloodrayne: Betrayal Join the Instant Game Collection

Posted by Morgan Haro // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms
"The first two episodes of Telltale’s The Walking Dead joined the Instant Game Collection last week, and today, we’re announcing even more content coming to Plus! We’re excited to welcome PSN Games Outland and Bloodrayne: Betrayal to the PlayStation Plus family. Read on to learn more about these games and other great content coming exclusively for Plus members."

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Emilio_Estevez2109d ago

Almost bought Outland, glad I didn't

WildArmed2109d ago

Same. I've had the money sitting on PStore for Outland for awhile, but I was always like "I'll buy it once I finish my backlog"

My backlog saved me monies :D

Emilio_Estevez2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I would never buy new games if I told myself that. My backlog just keeps expanding, I can't help it! Another new one should be here this week :) , or maybe :( - not sure which face to use.

TheLastGuardian2109d ago

I bought Outland right from the main menu of the demo and it was well worth it. One of my favorite downloadable games. Let me know if you guys (Emilio or Skv) want to play Outland co-op.

I've been wanting to try Bloodrayne: Betrayal so good thing I held off on buying it.

TooTall192109d ago

It's very tough at times.

DaReapa2109d ago


Tough, but rewarding. Need more like it.

WildArmed2109d ago

It's on, gimme a few days. I tend not to even pop online these days. But then we'll co-op the whole game through.

HighScore2109d ago

I'd be down for some co-op in Outland. I'm near the end of the single player campaign, but I still have a lot to do. I lost interest, because I don't know anybody who wants to co-op, so you'd be helping a brother out! Let me know if none of the other guys want to join you.

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2109d ago
DasBunker2109d ago

YESSS... this definitely makes up for the WD episodes :/ which i didn't want.

WildArmed2109d ago

They are pretty good, you should give them a try regardless.

I tried the first episode, and was pleasantly surprised.

phinch2108d ago

i didnt think id like them, but honestly i cant wait for each episode now

No FanS Land2109d ago

Sometimes I found the game to be exceptionally hard, but I'm still glad I bought it, it's really awesome. Well worth the money.

Feels like a good old snes side-scrolling adventure game.

yeahokchief2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

You are exactly what's wrong with the gaming industry.

"glad i didn't".

Yeah you didn't support the people who made it when they needed it. SO their publisher may get some money off this deal, but the odds of a sequel are like 0 now because you didn't support it.

Keep voting with your wallet like this and all you're going to see in stores is yearly iterations of call of duty or some other godawful yearly sequel.

I bought Outland on release and it was awesome.

Also I don't like the direction video game prices have been going. Just straight up charge me $70 on release and don't play games with dlc pricing. I want a full game for my money. Stop penalizing me for buying games on release by making them free later or including the dlc in supposed "game of the year" versions. You cant have 12 game of the years in 1 year.

Everyone should embrace what THQ is doing with darksiders 2. Free 90 day DLC pass for buying the game on release. You get a full game for paying full price. You get what you pay for. no nonsense.

rjdofu2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

You blame him on how he spend his money? LOL
Money can be spent on other better things you know.

crowsticky12342108d ago

"Everyone should embrace what THQ is doing with darksiders 2. Free 90 day DLC pass for buying the game on release. You get a full game for paying full price. You get what you pay for. no nonsense."

Are you advertising?

yeahokchief2108d ago

hell yes i'm advertising. that's a fucking rock solid deal compared to the rest of the shit that's being pulled on us. i will advertise the fuck out of thq's fair pricing because THEY'RE DOING IT RIGHT.

Bowzabub2109d ago

I bought it, but a long time ago. No sweat, glad that more people get to enjoy it.

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moparful992109d ago

I was planning to buy the walking dead episodes as soon as the 3rd one came out.. Thank goodness I didn't, ps+ is amazing!!

ALLWRONG2109d ago

Rental services are great

hkgamer2109d ago

yeah rental services that support sony and developers are great.

ImpliedDeception2109d ago

Actually, I don't see an expiration date on any psn games I get thru the service...

It appears as though Walking Dead (and anything else that isn't a full fat PS3 game) is mine.

IAmLee2109d ago

At least we ain't having to pay 40 quid/60 dollars a year to play online..

JAM_brz2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

What a stupid comment.

I have both PS and Xbox360, and for me, pay to play online it´s a big error of Microsoft. It´s better pay and gain some games, even if it´s have a time to expire, even because in this period of time I´ve finished the games.

moparful992108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

@ALLWRONG It never ceases to amaze me how narrow minded people can be.. Sure if I stop paying for ps+ I lose the privelege of playing my games but with the stream of new and high quality games they give me every month I would be a fool to let my subscription expire, in fact once my initial sub ended I bought TWO years worth..

So in a sense I have 24 months worth of gaming for less then a bill... If you cant wrap your mind around how brilliant of a deal this is then I feel for you.. I will have a ps+ subscription for as long as Sony remains in the console business and thats a fact.. Its not being a sheep its not being a fanboy, its simply an awesome value and I applaud Sony for doing this..

Besides honestly how is this any different then and on demand games service?? Other then the fact that I get ALOT of free content on top of games... Your only fooling yourself!

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Outsider-G2109d ago

Looking forward to playing Outland

bubblebeam2109d ago

Dammit. I bought it like 2 months ago for 400msp on xbox Deal Of the week. Now I feel like kicking it over. At least theres even more on offer for PS+ than just outland.

I don't mean to sound like a fanboy, so don't flame me. But PS+ is so much better than XBL (My xbox live runs out in less than a week, not renewing until Halo 4 comes out, so I'm not a sony fanboY, DONT call me one).

I'm sure I speak for most people with xbl that the deal of the weeks have been pathetic this year. A week ago it was the davinci disappearance half price? lol.

I'm only bringing Microsoft into this (it is relevant) as I wish they would give us HALF of what ps+ has given us. About a month ago I got Infamous 2, Saints Row 2 and just cause 2 for ps+ FREE!

negroguy2109d ago

So getting outland.. I saw a Kamehameha in the gameplay that's instant download.

DaReapa2109d ago

Outland has to be one of the most underrated DL titles in recent memory. If you're a PS+ member and have been on the hunt for something unique, you owe it to yourself to at least try this game.

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