Deciphering the Wii U’s Release Date: Comparing it against the Wii’s first marketing push

No one knows when the Wii U will release or how much it will cost. But looking at the past we can compare when Nintendo announced the Wii's original launch date and when Wii materials first arrived in stores to get a better picture of when the Wii U's release date may be revealed.

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mrbojingles2228d ago

I really hope the Wii U comes out in October like they say. I'm not holding my breath though....

wiiulee2228d ago

the wiiu is coming out in october

wiiulee2228d ago

wiiu will be out the end of october...nintendo just need to market it right because they have a great system on their hands.

mrbojingles2227d ago

I hope it comes out in October. The sooner the better for me!

wiiulee2228d ago

nintendo should try the genesis does marketing back in those days....wiiu does what no other systems do

Puddlejumper752228d ago

Considering that the Genesis marketing did nothing to get them ahead of Nintendo I'd say that is a bad idea plus I like Nintendos marketing. They don't go out attacking the competition. To me if a company can only focus on other companies it doesnt give me confidence in their product