Next Gen Will Scale Between Mobile Devices Says Epic’s Mark Rein

X360: Xbox 720 and next gen rumours are rife, but what do games industry leaders think of the potential directions of next gen consoles. Epic’s VP, Mark Rein, weighs in…

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JBSleek2232d ago

Unreal Engine 3/4 seems to be able to span such a large array of devices it is quite impressive.

I can't wait for Unreal 4 games as the engine cuts down cost and time as now developers can do what usually took 2 years in one now. Hopefully this translate to better more immersible games.

HebrewHammer2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Not a fan of Rein, personally. Many forget that he was at the forefront of PS3 belittling back in 2006-07.

JellyJelly2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Mark Rein: PS3 “the one to beat” -

Mark Rein: PS3 in 'Better Place to Launch' than 360 -

Epic VP Mark Rein Understands Sony's Stance on PS3 Pricing -

Mark Reign praises the ps3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 -

Stop being delusional...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

You should be marked down for trolling! And Jellyjelly proved that's all you're doing is trolling.

modesign2232d ago

so the games will have to be really low poly to accomodate both console, tablet, and mobile devices. sounds horrible, thank god for computer gaming

Christopher2232d ago

Actually, no. Much like how they develop for the PC/360/PS3 at once, they will develop engines to parallel develop games across tablets as well now. Sure, the graphics for that release will be lesser, but it won't affect the other platforms.