Gaming and Violence – My Answer to a Question as Old as Pong

"Do sad movies make people feel depressed? Do comedies cheer people up? Do FPS games make people more likely to shoot someone? The answer, in many ways, is yes to all three. Taking part of a fantasy, regardless of what that fantasy is, will always make people more likely to act out that fantasy in real life. The difference, and why I don’t think “violent” video games shouldn’t be banned, is really damn simple."

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JTX2228d ago

I hate it when people always blame video games and movies for people's violent actions, like there was never violence before these things were created. Crazy people would still be shooting and blowing shit up even if we didn't have violent video games and movies.

Saryk2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

The violent mentally handicap cannot be controlled by limiting stimuli. And we shouldn't be taking the liberties of the many away because of the few.