PSM3 to have Final Fantasy XIII info in Feb

Next month's issue of PSM3 will feature more information on Final Fantasy XIII. This will most probably be the same basic information that the Japanese Famitsu and V-Jump magazine scans provided, but will hopefully be a bit more understandable and explain the Farushi/Falsh and Rushi/Luci concept in a bit more detail.

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Darkiewonder3675d ago

But I only expect that from a Japanese magazine publisher.

This will most likely be a recap :\

Roller3675d ago

That's probably true but hopefully we get some new info next month from GDC

3675d ago
PStriple7033675d ago

can't wait to see wha it is

Kain813675d ago

maybe a news about the storyline.
and some new pics^^

-EvoAnubis-3675d ago

It's Final Fantasy 13. What more info do these people really think we need? I. Don't. Care. JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN GAME ALREADY!!!!!

iluvlamp3675d ago

lol I agree with you =P

Hopefully they're going to announce a demo coming soon?? =D

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