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GodisaGeek: "This is a superb finale for another varied and interesting quartet of Summer of Arcade titles, a tradition that has given us the heady delights of Limbo and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet has given us another classy downloadable title. Since Konami took Castlevania in a different direction, there hasn’t been a decent, original RPG-tinged platformer of this ilk since the Order of Ecclesia game for Nintendo DS. Dust more than makes up for lost time and is supremely enjoyable, old-school experience that also happens to be one of the best looking games available of Microsoft’s downloadable service. Dodrill obviously invested his well-deserved prize money wisely, and has used his considerable talents to craft a killer debut."

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Lucretia2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

finally i get to turn on my xbox this year! Game looks really sweet :D.

GAH! its not on Live yet -_- whack....well soon enough!

darthv722194d ago

followed by a rim shot.