Why are we so obsessed with the boring parts of game development?

The industry has become far too obsessed with platforms and business models, to the point where we've started to forget what video games are actually about -- having fun and feeling passion for what we create, says DICE's Karl Magnus Troedsson.

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MilkMan2107d ago

To answer the title of the article:

Because there would be nothing to occupy gamers times and justify salaries for web and magazine editors.

Also if they didn't follow every mistake, every bathroom break and every decision that occurs during game development. What would you fill sites like this with or ailing magazines with?

JBSleek2107d ago

Because it is a business perhaps and even though it would be nice to only care about having carefree fun this is a multi-billionaire industry now therefore changes would need to happen and adapt or end out dying off.

SageHonor2107d ago

Well... there is a business side to gaming. it isnt all fun and games.. alot of gamers and journalist forget that.

FinaLXiii2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Well i just want gameplays/previews/reviews to make my mind about a game i sincerely dont care about trailers before gameplay footage arrives its a frikin game were talking about here not a movie.

I wish that publishers would stop with the "trailer before gameplay trend" its quite anoying.

stuntman_mike2107d ago

i think this comment section proves it lol.

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