Jade Raymond: "our audience expects perfection", and this "limits innovation"

Splinter Cell boss: "You have to revert back to what you know does work."

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Axonometri2231d ago

I do not expect perfection. That is something not even obtainable. I expect quality. Truly innovative games are seldom in last decade. You know what really keeps people stoked, something new.

Not too many people get all worked up over a 10 year old bashed up sedan with new shiny 20" wheels. The industries biggest issue right now is hanging on to what sells instead of taking chances on the new ideas I know are out there. The industry is full of bright minded creative people. Unfortunately, Corporate greed has wrenched its sweaty pale hands around those who make the whole thing possible and rules this industry also.

Pushagree2230d ago

And instantly we have the "I never once thought that!" group that comes in whenever someone tries to correctly generalize gamer flaws. If gamers like innovation so much, why was Black Ops 2's setting met with such harsh skepticism? If gamers like innovation so much, why is every character redesign cause gamers to send death threats to developers? If gamers love innovation so much, why do they tell developers to remake old sequels rather than make new ips?

Gamers hate the unknown. They are more confortable with what has already been done well because we as a species gravitate towards what is familiar more than an unknown that could possibly fail. This is the way it has always been ever since gaming set it's foot in the ground last generation. That's when the big names like GTA, Call of duty, Mario, Halo, God of War, and Final Fantasy defined their respective genres and now we just say "we want more of that!" instead of welcoming newer ips from a genre we may not have even heard of yet. This is why devs have dropped so many promising titles this generation. They see them as a bad investment because of the way gamers at large think.

wishingW3L2230d ago

redesigning a character is not innovation. Changing the genre of a established franchise is not innovation. Changing stuff that works for stuff that doesn't like FF13 did is not innovation. Innovation is not just change for the sake of it but change that brings new stuff that works, otherwise, those are called gimmicks.

Why do we want remakes? Because it'll probably be better than the next cookie cutter game that they'll release.

Blacklash932230d ago

It's new and bold. That should be praised on its own merits because it helps fight back gaming as a generic commodity. We need more creativity and not more generic shooters and stagnating franchises.

It doesn't always work out, but sometimes it is better than being handed the same thing in a different package over and over again.

I realize the issue isn't that simple, but I'm just offering another legitimate perspective here.

calis2230d ago

@Wishing - Innovation is bringing change. That is all. It doesn't have to work or be successful to make it innovative.

Soldierone2230d ago

Last I checked, people are in love with all the new IP's coming out and getting established. One of the hottest games coming out is Boarderlands 2....

COD is getting hate because it has haters, period. Its not the fans hating it, its the "anti-cod" scrubs hating it. People hate DMC because they took a badass character and made him into an annoying little punk....People hate a lot of "innovative" shooters because all the developers did was dumb it down and make it play like COD. Remember when Splinter Cell adverts showed off sneaking around in unique ways and it competed with Metal Gear? Then jump to todays Splinter Cell and he is in the middle of a friggin gun fight and the game feels like Ghost Recon....

It's annoying. Innovative is NOT being like someone else and instead offering a new experience, rather it be through story or gameplay.

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mewhy322230d ago Show
cannon88002230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

@ Axonometri

"Not too many people get all worked up over a 10 year old bashed up sedan with new shiny 20" wheels."

dude you're gonna piss off the mexicans

haha just joking around!

TBM2230d ago

we can never have perfection, just take chances if these devs have a great idea for a new game they shouldnt be afraid to throw it out there.

give me a fun quality game, and you'll get my money.

Mike_Tha_Hero2230d ago

Lies, the way people tear through RE6 you'd think they didn't want the series to progress.

SilentNegotiator2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

If you think an established horror series becoming more and more "pew pew pew" is equivalent to "progress"....

SilentNegotiator2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Jade making a stupid comment? I'm in shock!

Expecting a decent product, and only new 'innovations' that actually work well (and reflect the quality of the rest of the product)....does NOT "limit innovation"

I'm absolutely sick of these pubs/devs that can't take criticism. As soon as they're criticized, they demonize customers and cry about how modest expectations are 'killing' them. God forbid they make a product for the people buying it.

humbleopinion2230d ago

"You know what really keeps people stoked, something new"

Yeah, tell that to the flamboyant fanboys who heard that SC:Conviction is introducing new M&E mechanics, B&W stealth indication etc. and is getting rid of carrying bodies around...

mochachino2230d ago

The industry's biggest problem is that gamers don't buy innovative games, they keep buying the same type of games. If the "same rehashes" didn't sell, the corps wouldn't make them.

Blame gamers more than anything, they vote for what they want with their dollars.

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prototypeknuckles2231d ago

i dont expect perfection, i just want a good game that stays true to the roots of the series, nothing is perfect, though i do see a lot of gamers that want everything in a game theyre way and if its not they completly wright it off.

Axonometri2231d ago

It is true though, aside a few, we need innovation. I like series. I always look forward to what will be next. Don't you want to see and experience something new after... 15 games of the same thing though?

SilentNegotiator2230d ago

Nope. If they want to create a new IP, then fine.

But I don't want my favorite horror series to turn into a shooter. I don't want my favorite platform to become primarily a racer.

Changing genres doesn't equate to innovation. It's that simple.

Lord_Sloth2231d ago

I just want my Classic Splinter Cell as opposed to this Action Shooter with stealth elements we've been given.

h311rais3r2230d ago

Well too bad because games like call of duty have proven action sells better!

It's a sad time for stealth's neglect I tell you!!!

I want my real Sam fisher back!

Whitefeather2231d ago

You can innovate...make a new IP. Don't take a perfectly good series and changing everything but the name....looking at you Capcom as well.

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