IGN's Dust: An Elysian Tail Review


I've always believed that 2D got pushed aside before its time had truly come. New tech arrived and forced things forward, leaving us to wonder what kinds of two-dimensional games might have been made with more powerful hardware to back them. Dust: An Elysian Tail, is a great example of such a game. Hand-drawn and animated by one lone developer, it's a beautifully penned love letter to fans of the Metroidvania sub-genre. Whether you play for an absorbing story, exciting combat, or the joy of exploration, Dust has you covered.

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aviator1892163d ago

This game seems great, I'll surely be downloading this one.

Locksus2163d ago

This has got great reviews so far. Must buy!

Locksus2163d ago Show
MilkMan2163d ago

Considering that this Summer of Arcade has been abysmal, besides Deadlight I will most certainly be buying this on Wednesday. Would be nice to give this dev all the support he deserves.

JellyJelly2163d ago

Abysmal? Hybrid is awesome and Wreckateer is really good for being a Kinect title.

MilkMan2163d ago

Sorry my friend. I retired my Kinect and I cant play another FPS (being doing it since I was 12). So, a game has to be spectacular for me to even move the muscle that converts slight enthusiasm to paid purchase.
This game looks to be just that, reminds me of a Vanillaware game and Deadlight although not stellar, was quite a good time waster.

Rivitur2163d ago

@Milkman Hybrid is 3rd person and deadlight was all flash.

from the beach2163d ago

Awesome, indie 2D retro platform side scrolling metroidvania shooter with procedurally generated roguelike RPG elements Minecraft.

DiRtY2163d ago

This was the winner of the Dream Build Play awards from MS in 2009. The creator won 40k USD in cash and a publishing deal.

So it really is a win-win situation. MS only had to pay 40k to get this game exclusive and the creator probably makes a fortune with it on XBLA.

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