Six Months Of DLC Planned For Sleeping Dogs

FanCensus says: "Today Square Enix have announced plans that they will support upcoming title Sleeping Dogs for an extensive six months with additional content."

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Candy12041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Always nice of dev's to liven up games for bigger sequels :)

VanillaBear2041d ago


It's nice if devs just delay the game a little longer and include all content it wants to

Besides this is Square Enix...they've obviously cut content to sell later on.

Candy12041d ago

I can relate to this argument. Personally, I choose unique dlc for me and avoid paying for seasonal pass. As long as dlc exists, games will always have exploitable gateways.

Lucretia2041d ago

Never buying this Planned for me

dazzrazz2041d ago

In that case I'm waiting for so called GOTY edition :)

user54670072041d ago

Hmmm makes me think if I should just wait for the GOTY edition

luoshuigui2041d ago

so i'll just wait six months and get the game and all dlcs at Steam sale for 20 bucks

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The story is too old to be commented.