Is it Possible to Go Solo in an MMO?

OnlySP Writes: Surely this question is self-defeatist. Why play a massively multiplayer online experience if you’re only going to enter said experience alone? Aren’t such games designed purposely to encourage communication and interaction between players, or is it possible to venture through these worlds without a single word spoken?

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joab7772112d ago

I have had a similar experience. My issue is time and desire to play so many different games. When swtor was announced, I was excited. Finally, a sp mmo that will make everyone happy. I realized, after some enjoyment, that, for me, it would have been better had they made kotor 3. And for mmo players, it would have been better had they focused more on endgame content. There is no happy meld. It must lean heavily one way. I guess that someone could spend a ton of money and time and create said game, but is that wise?

Recently, I have played Dragons Dogma and it is no mmo. But, it has a unique multi that works very well. U can play it alone but u can also involve itself in the community. Especially concerning loot and online creature battles. I guess it has some Diablo elements. I am happy with this style time wise and I don't have to invest years to complete it. I grow tired very quickly because there are so many games to play. I just think that mmos r for mmo players, not epic sp RPG enthusiasts.

CandyCaptain2112d ago

Well I know in some free to play games you can given enough money you pour into it, to make your equipment super powerful. Vindictus is a great example of this, where if you are willing to pay, you can take on bosses(raid bosses) that were designed for 8 or so people to take down.(This is otherwise known as pay to win.)

While pay to play, usually even with great gear, it will still take a party to take down a raid boss.

Even with that in mind though, you'll probably never find an mmo that plays as well for people who prefer to play alone, as you would just playing a single player game.

Saryk2112d ago

After playing a majority of MMOs since UO I am getting tired of the genre. I am going back to playing just TBS games and I think once Xcom comes out, i'll be out of the genre completely.

Gildarts2111d ago

Not only is it almost impossible, it Shouldn't be possible MMO are meant to be played together.