Hybrid Review - Saving Content

Excerpt: "In an ambitious leap for 5th Cell from handhelds and mobile devices to consoles comes a futuristic third-person cover-based shooter. While that perhaps sounds uninteresting or displeasing, the concept of how you actually mobilize yourself from cover to cover and movement in general might surprise you. Equipped with a jetpack, you take cover and can move on that plane and can jump from cover to cover putting yourself in danger of being hit if timed wrong. Surfaces aren't always normal orientation, sometimes you'll take cover on walls sideways or on the ceiling being upsidedown.

Music is subtle throughout the game but synthesized keyboard and beats in menus and at the start of games helps evoke the futuristic setting you're placed in. The Unreal Engine works real hard here, producing top-notch visuals at 60fps with none of the infamous "texture load-in" we've come to expect from other games of this engine. Weapons sound good and different while packing a punch from your bass."

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