Change is scary and why we as gamers shouldn’t be afraid to embrace it.

Humans are notorious for hating change, we’re always happy to settle into a monotonic rhythm through life. But when change comes and upsets the status quo we all fear it, doing everything to avoid it. However we still moan that we haven’t got enough, we want a better life, better job, better relationship. We want to lose weight, or look like the latest celebrity on the cover of OK magazine.

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Lord_Sloth2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Depends on the change. I don't believe an already established franchise should change to the point of being unrecognizable.

h311rais3r2233d ago

Too bad publishers don't get that


yes it is scary because it kills a well placed franchise * Capcom * into the bargain bin faster than trying to prove Jessica Rabbit exist in real life

AngelicIceDiamond2233d ago

Some devs don't know the meaning of change, Infinity Ward maybe?

SpecialK2233d ago

In all fairness COD gets a lot of flack but then what shooter has really changed its online gameplay?

Theres little tweaks here and there but theyre all basically the same just with updated graphics and a couple bits to keep it fresh.

Gears still feels the same online, BF3 felt a lot like BF BC2 they even copied some buildings, Rainbow six vegas and vegas 2 didnt change much.

And then when some games did change a lot, like SOCOM 4, they crashed and burned.

Yeah theyre pushing the game out every year which sucks, but then EA is doing the same with BF and MOH same engine and all, theyre just hiding it better.

And to be honest, if a game you made sold those numbers every year and got rave reviews, would you be changing core gameplay or just adding and revising little bits each time?

Im not saying its great, just that its not just CoD and I bet you anything if they changed it too much, theyd be getting 10x the hate they get now.

Kyosuke_Sanada2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

True change in gaming is adding something that makes it not only standout in the genre it is in but taking it to the next level.

Change is not doing what everyone else is doing or worse, jumping genres on the whole.

Xof2233d ago

I love change, I just don't see very much of it gaming. Most genres have been incredibly stagnant for the last decade, with the most innovative games (like Homeworld, Rise of Nations, for the RTS category, for example) being completely and utterly ignored.

Part of that reason is the developers fault, but the greater fault lies with gamers, who seem to be profoundly stupid when it comes to change.

Just look at all that Diablo 3 hub-up. All that mucked-up controversey because gamers didn't understand the difference between a dark visual aesthetic and a dark thematic tone. Yikes.

Elda2233d ago

I embrace change in videogames especially if the franchise becomes boring,I'm excited for DMC because DmC4 was boring & I loved FF-XIII battle system,it's much faster now,better than just standing there waiting to strike as the bar slowly fills up,some change is definitely good.

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