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GR: "I don't know about you…

But Star Fox is about all the furry I can stand in my video games, and you don't even see those guys that much. They're all too busy in their spaceships, flying around, shooting stuff, and chasing after Ghost-Dad.

So you can imagine my reluctance to play through Dust: An Elysian Tail for the Xbox 360. Developed by Humble Hearts and scheduled last in this year's Summer of Arcade XBLA lineup, Dust never had a lot riding on it. Were our expectations sufficiently low or can Dust bat clean up?"

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doctorstrange2169d ago

Gotta love the Summer of Arcade

knifefight2168d ago

It was supposed to be the Summer of George ;_;

aviator1892169d ago

this game looks fantastic. great way to finish off the summer for me.

hennessey862169d ago

I have bought Deadlight, Tony Hawks and I will be getting this.