GHIII and Rock Band: No bite, all hype

Forget Halo 3, Wii Play, or Assassins Creed. By far, the most overrated games currently going are Guitar Hero III and Rock band. But unlike the others, these rehashed games of "Simon" also make gamers look bad just by being what they are.

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davez823825d ago

The author obviously doesn't know anything about gaming, i mean come on he compared it to simon. Also comparing it to ddr, well duh its called the rhythm game based genre, it's a genre in the video game industry. Any doofus can rant about how they don't like this genre or that genre, what a poor excuse for a writer.

GIJeff3825d ago

but whatever, let the fools have their fun. (by the way, im kidding. A game is a sucess if it makes someone happy to play it. Right now, rock band is making millions of people happy. I call it a success).

RecSpec3825d ago

Why didn't this guy mention Britney's Dance Beat, then he might have had an argument there.

titntin3825d ago

By far the most uninformed piece of drivel I have read, and I have read some utter junk.
It's not just that I love the games, its just that the guy makes no valid points.
Comparing it with 'simon'??? Simon was memory game - about the only reason you could compare it is because colours light up?

Much as I agree its a valid enough story, I can't bring myself to approve this - its the kind of utter junk that doesnt inform anyone...

i Shank u3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

butt-drool is more like it. i was almost finished reading but had to stop after this

"To become a master of the game of Simon, one had to not only have an excellent memory, but be able to adapt on the fly to patterns that were never experienced before, nor would be after. (Most unlike the relatively simplistic and infinitely forgiving Guitar Hero and Rock Band songs; which even the mentally challenged can pass after experiencing the pre-set pattern a few times or so.) Even so, they continually sell well, though they can’t even begin to teach the instruments that they mimic."

compares it to simon, and says simon is the less simplistic? LOL! who the hell is he callin mentally challenged? did this focking monkey attempt the game on hard or extreme? simon was a game id play in the car on trips when i was little, and would get put away after 20 mins when it got boring. requires much less skill and effort then guitar hero on hard/extreme, and gives nowhere near the sense of fun/satisfaction when you do well. at least imo. the scoring system, and hard difficulty makes this a great game for hardcore gamers in addition to casuals. what a monkey, this author "Iran White" is

unjust3825d ago

So you are saying this is not a memory game your following paterns that repeat themselves.

Agente473825d ago

What a huge load of bullshit and waste of my 5 minutes.

Intrepid3825d ago

As much as I LOVE GH, I do have to admit that learning to play a real guitar takes a lot more skill. But talking crap about these games is unacceptable, they're a blast!

kingxtreme813825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

This is one of the dumbest things I've ever read, and if that's that writer's opinion, fine, but it wasn't worth a read, let alone being reported on a game news website.

It's a video game, why be so anal about it? You can trivialize gaming in general this way. You can say this, too:

- Instead of racing cars in a game, go to Fontana Speedway and race a car!

- Why play shooters when you can go to a gun range, or go hunting?

- Instead of playing Fight Night Round 3, get out and take boxing lessons!

See what I mean? You can break it down and trivialize it all you want. The point is that games are just that: games. They are just meant to be fun.

This guy is a complete moron, and his opinion about gamers who enjoy these games is ridiculous. I'm saddened to read things like this because it's people with that type of thinking that, as a whole, drag things down, and if he wants to type up that mindless drivel then he should keep it far out of sight of anyone with a brain, let alone an ounce of intelligence.

killinet2473825d ago

Maybe this writer thinks that we should go out and buy guns and go around sniping people from the rooftops instead of playing something such as CoD4. The author makes no good points such as the one i have just made. Why the hell would people want to shoot people in real life. That would be stupid. Maybe not everyone wants to actually learn to play guitar and they just enjoy playing rock band and guitar hero.

RecSpec3825d ago

Though your logic makes sense, that's dangerous territory. For example, I actually have an interest in playing real guitar cause of GH3, so people like Jack Thompson could potentially go, "If a game like Guitar Hero can inspire people to play the guitar, Grand Theft Auto could inspire people to kill a prostitute to get their money back, shoot a rocket at a police car, and jump a bridge on a motorcycle." Of course this removes common sense from the equation, buy Jacky boy seems to leave that at the door.

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