MotorStorm rolls out, over 6 million copies

The MotorStorm franchise, which includes five games across PS2, PS3, PSP and Vita, has sold more than 6 million units, Sony XDev Studio Europe's Pete Smith said at GDC Europe on August 13. Smith gave a talk discussing tips of pitching to publishers, citing MotorStorm's Evolution Studios as an example of a team with a clear focus and solid marketing technique.

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Sizzon2228d ago

That's great news, congrats Evolution Studios!

makes me wanna go and play some MS Apocalypse

Red_Orange_Juice2227d ago ShowReplies(3)
otherZinc2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

There is no way MotorStorm series sold 6million units.

SONY means they sold PS3's, Vita's, & PSP with MotorStorm series games packed in totaling 6million units sold.

This is the kind of SONY selling stunt bundling they use to gain mind share.

Look at any NPD sales report with MotorStorm in it. MS would never sell over 200,000 units in any 1st months sales.

This is a giant lie, period.

andron6662227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

And Nintendo and Microsoft doesn't bundle games with
their consoles?

People get to choose which console/game bundle they want to buy too, so the game figures into the deal...

rajman2228d ago

Such an underrated series

GribbleGrunger2228d ago

More like under-advertised and under-appreciated by the media. I preferred 2 but they'll all great games

NastyLeftHook02228d ago

yeah, these games have to be the best arcade racing games this gen.

Bathyj2227d ago

Well you said exactly what I was going to say, so I'll just agree. The best off road racer.

bubblebeam2227d ago

bu-bu-bu-b-b-b-but Playstation games don't sell right? /s

Nice sales for an underrated fantastic franchise. MS apocalypse is beautiful.

showtimefolks2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

this should be news to all the haters and fanboys who say ps3 exclusives don't sell. when you have as many IP's as sony how could they invest 50 million a pop for advertisement?

PS3 exclusives may not break the sales record but they each sell enough to make a profit and to get a sequel


i just wish sony would give a little bit of damn about this series since even without any advertisement it has done well. And the last game had how many different launches in different countries because of the japan natural disasters.

i hope sony hires the same firm that Rockstar has for advertisement and don't have to spend 50 million for each exclusive but have smart advertisement to make people aware of the fact the game just came out and is really good

DiRtY2227d ago

Ehm, 6 million for

- Motorstorm (PS3)
- Motorstorm: Pacific Rift (PS3)
- Motorstorm: Arctic Edge (PSP)
- Motorstorm: Arctic Edge (PS2)
- Motorstorm: Apocalypse (PS3)
- Motorstorm: RC (PS Vita)
- Motorstorm 3D Rift (PS3)
- Motorstorm Complete (PS3)

The first one was heavily bundled, so it crossed almost 4 million. So there are 7 SKUs selling 2 million units. That makes 285k per SKU.

Does not sound that outstanding to me.

Waiting for people to disagree with facts.

Xperia_ion2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Who said it was "outstanding" ? People are just giving their congrats. I like this ip and cant wait for the next.

X_GAMER_X2227d ago

That is da fact.

They were given away with each console.

Here, Where I live it was bundled or given.

8 games i 5 years with heavily bundled, I wouldnt call that a success.

showtimefolks2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

i think it could have done more but seriously man who was gonna buy it on ps2? and for that matter not many were interested on psp either. !st sold well because it was a bundle but there was alsso advertisement after the 1st sony kind of forgot about this IP.

and this latest release was during the japan natural disaster so i think that hurt the game a lot.

and wasn't 3d rift only digital release so we don't know the sales for that. Also arctic edge on ps2 doesn't even count man seriously.

and what the heck is motorstorm complete and did it get a world wide release? I think you just making up shit so that's why you gonna get the disagrees

if we talking about exclusives sales why is that crackdown never sold well when infamous did? and why is that heavy rain sold well when alan wake sold poorly?

I am sure if you have 3 IP's gears,halo and forza you can advertise those a lot more when sony or nintendo could have 3 exclusives in one Quarter sometimes.


those are not really 8 games when one is on ps3,psp which were not known to move software.

Than there one digital only release and motorstorm complete wasn't a world wide release.

Could this series have done better no doubt but we are saying congrs because sony's lack of advertisement still has this game selling good and having a core fanbse for this series.

Motorstorm: Apocalypse should have been a better selling game but with so much around its release with PSN down and Japan Disaster that it kind of lost it self in the shuffle

mcstorm2227d ago

@showtimefolks here is a link for Motorstorm Complete and I think it was a Japan only version.

As for MS as games I did not really like the 1st one it was ok but I did not think it was anything to shout about.

Pacific Rift was amazing and really showed everyone what the PS3 could do and it played very well and IMO the best one they have done.

Arctic Edge to me was also very impressive and I still have it on my PSV and play it every now and again.

I thought Apocalypse was poor compared to Pacific Rift as it seemed to easy, but I can not get enough of RC it is a new gen micros machines for me and Ive not been able to put it down since getting my PSV in April.

I don't think the numbers for the sales of the MS name is as big as it should be but I hope Sony keep the MS name going into next gen as I think it can get better than Pacific Rift.

ipe2227d ago

Rofl dont think so.
First u re using vgc. Only sony knows real numbers. Second artic edge is same game u used twice.
Most of those titles were fan service who asked for ut like psp and ps2 games. Irrelevant.

Motorstorm complete is first game tweked for japan and later for eu. Again same first game.

3d rift is psn title with content from pacific rift. Literally same game lower price for psn. Irrelevant.

So as u can see those re not facts.

Motorstorm 1,2,3 got most of sales , folowed by rc and maybe some artic edge but doubt it

DiRtY2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Denial is strong on N4G.

When Sony says Motorstorm series sold 6 million copies, it means that the Motorstorm series sold 6 million copies. Okay? That includes any copy you can get and every way of distribution. So these numbers include PS2, PSP or PSN titles. Fact. I mean, why shouldn't they?

When you consider some of the SKUs I mentioned irrelevant, it is your fault, because Sony added those when they talked about their 6 million copies sold.

And could you please stop this "fanservice" or "fan request" nonsense? Sony makes games to sell them. Nothing less, they want your money, just like every other company in the world.

This stuff came up with PSABR. "It is not a copy of Smash Bros - it is a fan request!" MS shows Halo 4 "Ah, they are milking it!". As if no fan ever asked for a Halo 4 or no fan ever asked for a new Zelda or Mario. -.- In fact, millions of people anticipate Halo 4 or Zelda, when just a very selected audience cares about PSABR.

And wtf has VGC numbers to do with it?! If you checked those numbers, you would have seen they are absolutely in line with these numbers, straight from sony.

The latest Motorstorm releases flopped. All of them. Nothing bad with it, shit happens, but just admit it and don't spin this in any other direction.

2227d ago
Tsukuyomi2227d ago

sometimes your stupid facts even they arent really true wont hurt an argument Motorstorm the ip is just successful stop it with your 360 ass slave trolling shut the fuck up and quit tryn to start arguments thats for kids and reply back so ill smack your ass with "facts"

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