5 Awesome LGBT Video Game Characters

If you're looking for more equality in your video games, here's a list of 5 awesome video game characters that are on the queer spectrum. Tired of the white, heterosexual male pandering in gaming? This list will be a breath of fresh air. Come add your own pick if I missed a favorite of yours.

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R_aVe_N2163d ago

Sorry that was for the site in general and the start of all the equality articles to come due to the Borderlands 2 stuff.

same site

Kaylith2163d ago

I had nothing to do with that post, so I don't see why you're sighing at me?

Nerdmaster2163d ago

Even a simple list like this one gets people sighing in disapproval. And people have the guts to be against that Gaymers convention, saying "they don't need that".

Kaylith2163d ago

I actually wrote an article about Gaymercon so it's pretty cool someone else knows what it is! *brofist*

AnimeRaven2163d ago

I really don't believe a Gaymer Convention is needed for any reason to be honest. I have never been to a game convention where gay people are singled out in any way.

PirateThom2163d ago

I have nothing against it as an idea, but it completely undermines equality by specifically singling yourself out as "different". I would say the same of a race specific convention or a gender specific convention.

Blacklash932163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

I can see why someone wouldn't really be for it, but why against it? If you or someone just don't "need it" then it's not problem for you. You're not even the main demographic.

It funds itself and it has every right to exist just like any other Con. The real judge of it will be whether or not it's profitable.

Oh and there is a girl gamer Con. Just sayin'.

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Godmars2902163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

The article is missing an opening paragraph that explains its premise.

Not exactly poorly written or bad quality, but a bit lazy.

Menchi2163d ago

"5 Awesome Lesbian Video Game Characters" would seem a more apt title, as it was a complete list of Lesbian characters.

Kaylith2163d ago

You're right! I'd go back and edit the title, but I can't. I originally also had a gay character on here too, but he got lost in an edit. :c

poolsharky272163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

No Kaine from Nier.
Or Poison from Final Fight/Street Fighter.


Kaylith2163d ago

I forgot about Poison! I fail at the internet! :(

poolsharky272163d ago

Yeah, she's one of the most obvious choices haha, and totally expected to see her in one of these lists.

Good article premise, but theres a handful more noteworthy than 5. :P

(And a handful of bad ones, Makota from Enchanted Arms comes to mind)

killerhog2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Poison is not a tranny. In the Japanese version (the real home, origin etc.) has her specifically as a woman. It was changed to avoid a backlash from woman activists groups in the US (as other regions got the true female version). All real sf fans acknowledge her as female only the damn (no offense) LGBT community see her as otherwise.

poolsharky272163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Actually it classifies her as a 'newhalf' which is transsexual, right in the manual. The producers have even stated such. Here's an interesting History of Poison video.

killerhog2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Yeah again after she was already classified as female everywhere else (and by true sf fans) but the US. Why argue with you guys though? Ya becoming as annoying as the "girl gamers" which I never had a problem with until ya keep trying to slap it on our faces. Geez man im about to become a contributor to void these articles and sites

Just play the game, no one needs to know who you are and what you are (cause frankly I don't care who you are). All I care about is the game and if youre helping in said game. I'm tired of you guys just trying to slap all this unnecessary crap at us.

poolsharky272163d ago

You really didnt watch the video. It really is quite interesting, if you get the time to watch it.

It was on her concept art, before the original arcade release. AND in ALL Japanese manuals and game guides, before even the thought of an American release.

I agree with you that it technically doesnt matter to the game and it's completely unnecessary for gameplay, but it doesnt make it any less true.

Though some people do enjoy character backgrounds, and it certainly does no harm for games to have LGBT representatives.

JadedWriter2163d ago

This list lacks Estelle and Rita from Tales of Vesperia and Chie and Yukiko from Persona 4.

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