New FDSL Technology Enables Digital Resale and Trading of Games

GDC Game and Download Company AG have announced that the technology of legal digital resale and reacquistion is now officially available through their FDSL (Fast Download Technology with Streaming Logic) Technology.

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Ares84HU2195d ago

Digital re-sale. I love how they make it sound like this is actually a real thing. :D

Saryk2195d ago

Removing a code from one person and giving it to someone else. Or removing the game from someone's account and trading it to someone else (for a nominal fee). It can be done and jump start the selling process then it will stabilize.

BitbyDeath2195d ago

PS+ already has this technology.

Bimkoblerutso2195d ago

Yeah, I'm sure publishers all over are going to jump right on board with this tech...

Venox20082194d ago

ok,so if I'll resell digital game, will some part of it come to devs or publishers? because in some way I don't like it

Naners2194d ago

There's not a lot of info on it yet, but there should be some coming out of GamesCom that's happening this week. I'll keep checking in and if I find anything out, I'll definitely post!