Hideo Kojima: Policenauts Was Originally Known as Beyond

Hideo Kojima opened up the old vault today, sharing a few trivia bits about Snatcher and Policenauts, two of the games he worked on during that adventurous period before Metal Gear became Solid.

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Whitefeather2230d ago

Those two could benefit from being remade for PS3.

Blacktric2230d ago

I'm even up for a classics re-release without any trophy support whatsoever. I never ever got a chance to play Policenauts and Snatcher and all I want is to play them with some English subtitles officially added by Kojima and his team. I still hope for a fully featured HD English re-release though.

Whitefeather2230d ago

Let them put some effort into it by making it HD, no need for trophies but trophies sell games nowadays.

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