Analyst suggests Wii cuts price to $199

With the Wii being sold out for 14 months straight and still selling like water in the desert, I would think Nintendo executives might be hard-pressed to find a reason to drop the price on the goose that lays golden eggs, but that's exactly what superstar analyst Michael Pachter, of Wedbush Morgan Securities, suggests they do.

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Blank10173705d ago

That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Hey, we are selling so well that we can't even keep it in stock, lets lower the price...

oh and lets also take out the one game that is sucking in all the new casual gamers we are looking for and stop including it in the box...

nintendo has a great thing going for itself right now and are not going to change anything till consoles start stacking up on the shelves. then they might cut...

-EvoAnubis-3705d ago

This is just stupid. The Wii, for some reason totally beyond my understanding, is selling like hotcakes . . . covered in crack. Nintendo is actually making money from the console sales, which no one else can claim. So why the hell would they want to drop the price?

mikeslemonade3705d ago

Nintendo is usually takes forever for them to drop price on anything. There first party games can stay $50 for more than a year. There's noway Nintendo is going to drop the price anytime soon. The earliest I see them dropping price is fall 08.

Kholinar3705d ago

The best price drop I could see would be on their controllers...

pharmd3705d ago

i really dont see them accomplishing much with this, they cant even supply to the demand they need, if anything, package another game with it and keep the price the same. The only ones i see for sale around here are wrapped in bundles, so until they can mass produce this to the point of satisfaction, why sell it lower?

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wiizy3705d ago

i would have to agree... especially since nintendo will increase the wii's productiion.. they should cut the price so that they can be millions ahead of sony and microsoft instead of just a million or two.. and a price cut is about due for the wii

Yi-Long3705d ago

... as soon as it drops to 200 euro, and is bundled with Mario Galaxy.
Untill then, they can keep their Gamecube 1.5 (while there are hardly any Gamecube games being sold here (in Holland) anymore: smart(!)) to themselfs.

Kholinar3705d ago

Hmmm... interesting.

I'm not sure exactly why this guy's advocating a drop of Wii Sports. A lot of casuals seem to love the idea that they can bowl right out of the box. Bundling that software doesn't cost Nintendo anything much, and it has a tremendous upside. If anything I'd compromise more with the post above me and suggest bundling SMG or SMBB, while keeping the price the same. This adds tremendous incentive for the more hardcore (though not ultra hardcore) gamer and family buyers. Dropping the price when you still aren't meeting demand is insanity. Better to add value with a pack-in, but even that's not needed.

Basically the article's asking Nintendo to tell its shareholders, "we're going to sacrifice $50 a system out of the goodness of our hearts. Sorry about the lost profits on your investments."

v1c1ous3705d ago

it would kill xbox/ps3 for months to come D:

Salvadore3705d ago

Why in the world would Nintendo even do such a thing?

Peekay3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

lol! so people like me who weren't fooled in the first place in buying the gamecube 1.5 or it's hype will finally actually consider buying one. If the Ps2 dropped it's price, so should the Wii.

@ Kholinar and PS360Wii - i don't know if you guys realize where the term "gamecube 1.5" came from. It was actually a dev support guy from Nintendo that said that the Wii chipset is ' a Gamecube 1.5 with some added memory" I can't find the article, but it's just a coined phrase that became funny cos Nity said it themselves.

Kholinar3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Just go buy another gamecube, it's cheaper.

Come on, people who call the thing a GC1.5 aren't going to buy one anyway. Why chase a problem customer when others are lining up/buying rainchecks?

edit: And that effects my statement, how? If I use Microsoft's term for heat-failure of a 360, that's still fan-boyish.

"people like me who weren't fooled in the first place in buying the gamecube 1.5 or it's hype will finally actually consider buying one."

Sorry, some people have gotten a lot of fun out of their purchase. It's so silly that people have to equate a purchase with low-intelligence/mistakes just because they dislike the console. It's ad-hominem and completely invalid in the realm of informed debate/discussion.

Peekay3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

This "debate/discussion" is about the Wii's value. Whatever, you take life way too seriously. I noticed you took away a bubble. Mods - If you find my comments offensive delete it.

Kholinar3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

I never touched your bubble. Shaka's the only person whose post I find offensive here. If there's any type of debate, I'm not going to settle it with bubbles. That's ridiculous.

Value is relative to what the individual expects out of the product. So, if the person loves things like Metroid Prime, SMG, Z&W, etc and you don't, it still doesn't matter. They've made a wise choice based on what they wanted out of the console. I might as well say all 360 owners are idiot purchasers just because I don't care for the console's games. But then I'd be an idiot.

PS360WII3705d ago

I have more Wii games and I'm not ashamed of my purchase for the Wii. It has games that cannot be made on another system and yes not even the GC. The sense of value is different for everyone. While you may consider PS3 and 360 better some would consider you wasting your money on such expensive gaming things.

Peekay3705d ago

I apologize for accusing you then.

Listen - what makes you think that i don't like the Wii. All you've done is become defensive because you think i don't like the Wii. I would love to play Metroid Prime, SMG, Z&W, and Brawl. Sadly like most gamers here i can only afford consoles depending on their price. This article is about the Wii's value. I don't live in the states and the difference between a Wii and a Ps3 here is $300. That difference doesn't justify the value of the Wii. It may to some. I'm not saying it doesn't to you....judging by your comments it obviously does.

My point is the jump from a Gamecube's technology to a Wii's technology isn't reflected by it's price. At the moment the Wii is over priced compared to a gamecube's tech (god bless it's soul).

Kholinar3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

It's cool. I think people's tone can be taken wrong in these things. I tend to be blunt.

I think implying that people were foolish to buy the wii at it's current price was probably the main thing that would lead us to that conclusion. I'm glad that you do like it, but I'd still debate that statement. :)

Anyway, you do have to take these things into account. So $300 difference? It was $250 difference at the time that I bought my Wii. How much is the base wii price there then?

See, for me, at the time (and still actually) the price for the ps3 was too much for the value that I could get from it. I don't have hd-tv, don't plan on getting it for a bit. I don't have massive amounts of time to game, won't have that at any time. Finally, my wife's not interested in most ps3 games (FF and LBP are the exceptions and we'll be getting one and a hdtv when LBP comes out). So $300 difference would probably still have me buying the Wii. The 360 has zero value to me because there are no games that I am interested in (except possibly Bioshock). Different strokes.

And this is just my opinion but I've seen too much MHZ/GHZ hype to be lured by a lot of the resolution/polygon emphasis...

Peekay3704d ago

Different strokes and opinion right =P

Yeah a Ps3 by itself is $800 nzd while a Wii is $500 nzd. We get screwed over by the currency as well. At this point (my personal opinion!) - the relative value of what the Ps3 offers compared to a Wii is a lot more than $300 =)

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