Can Wii U Appease both the 'Casual' and 'Core' markets?

With the WiiU Nintendo is trying to bridge the split between the so called 'hardcore' and the 'casual' gamers unintentionally caused by the Wii/PS3. Before the current generation 'casual' and 'core' gamers happily co-existed on the PS2. PS2 offered games like Metal of Honor and God of War for the more dedicated gamers, Buzz and Sing for the very casual and a whole spectrum of games in-between.

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bothebo2163d ago

Why don't you ask the majority of Wii owners. You'll get your answer.

yabhero2163d ago

Good thing their less than half the main audience...

TruthbeTold2163d ago

PS2 did it, as well as PS1. It will be hard to know if it has enough tangibles and intangibles until the console has been out for a year or two.

tehpees32163d ago

Why not? mass Effect, AC, darksiders, NG, Aliens etc not enough for you?

I bet not even GTA V would sway you either. In which case, there is simply no please in you.

guitarded772163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

@ tehpees3

I'm not disagreeing as I hope Wii U does appease the core, but it's going to take exclusive core titles to make Wii U stand out to the core gamer. It's gonna take more Zombie U's. I plan on getting a Wii U for the Nintendo exclusives, but I can already play Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed on other consoles and PC. I want more exclusive core games before I can say that I'm "appeased", so I go with remanutd55 with "Hopefully".

SandWitch2163d ago


You can play these games on current gen consoles and why pay more for Wii U to play the same games?. And if the gap between Wii U and PS4/X720 will be significant then next-gen multiplatforms won't reach to Wii U either.

Wii U must get all next-gen multiplatforms or otherwise hardcore gamers won't be interested that much.

And according to uncomfirmed Wii U specs it will doubtfully be able to keep up with next-gen competitors.

Just my opinion

TruthbeTold2163d ago

Even though the Wii U has some solid 3rd party releases, so far most of them are games that other consoles already have, or will have already had by the time Wii U gets them. Games like Zombie U are a good start, but the console needs multiplatform games that are released on time, as well as some exclusives. Otherwise it will be a lot like the Wii, where we love most of the first party releases, but they aren't released often enough, and that's all we ever get outside of here and there.

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Axonometri2163d ago

It's not up to Nintendo as much as it is 3rd party developers to find interest and profit in what consumers buy. If consumers buy them they will make them, if not then it would be hard for Nintendo to float the new console on 1st party alone. There was a reason 3rd party and shovel party developers stopped making for the Wii in the last couple years.

user54670072163d ago


The Wii tried to do it yet swayed more to the casual and then stayed there

Microsoft said they would appeal to both but it's obvious they just care about the casual audience

So basicaly it's been's one or the other you can't please both.

PopRocks3592163d ago

I'm not sure that's true. The Wii didn't provide a great deal of support to the core gamer after Zelda Twilight Princess came out. From then on until E3 2010, Nintendo didn't throw many bones outside of the likes of "Wii Fit" and "Wii Music."

The Wii U's launch is far more core than casual by comparison and that has a lot to do with its current third party launch lineup. Yes, I KNOW, most of them are "just ports," but honestly isn't that better than nothing?

Puddlejumper752163d ago

" Yes, I KNOW, most of them are "just ports," but honestly isn't that better than nothing? "
Can that not be said for any console though?They all start out getting ports. Now you are just feeding the trolls by acting like they might have a point and forgetting that the ports part has always been true of any new console

Takes developers time to create new engines for games. Takes them time to learn new hardware etc.
Look at this gen and how games have changed from 2005 to 2012. Started out with lots of ports and as install bases grew and experience with hardware grew games got better and ports were no longer justified by developers.

GribbleGrunger2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Yes, but there is a difference between porting a franchise and porting the exact same game from a franchise. The problem now is that developers want the hardware to be successful before they fully support it. Once upon a time they knew it WAS their support that made a platform successful.

VanillaBear2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Thought I would see you on here defending the shit out of Nintendo as usualy and bashing anyone who has a netural opinion on something which may seem negative towards Nintendo.

The Wii had some great core games, Zelda TP, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Bros Wii, Battalion Wars 2, House of the Dead: Overkill, Call of Duty: World at War, Deadly Creatures, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Sonic Colours, De Blob, De Blob2, Disney Epic Mickey...I could go on

It slowly dimished over time though because they knew they were making more money with the casual audience.

It's like what will happen to the Wii U, once they realise that people (casuals) still have an interest in their consoles they will focus on them. If they don't then they'll focus on the core. The fact that they havent got their sh*t together yet and announced a price or the specs so close to the release window at the end of this year tells me they havent got a clue what they are doing.

@ greenpowerz below

***MSFT only caring about casuals is a myth created by haters***

Really, haters

Are you blind or can you not see MS has become greedy and decided that the core isn't the biggest money maker they once thought it was. They're gone man...let it go.

PopRocks3592163d ago


Nintendo survived without heavy third party support for how many generations now? And besides, when was the last time Nintendo had a Ninja Gaiden, Tekken, Assassin's Creed or any third party franchise that the Wii U is getting?


Are you stupid or delusional? I'm not "defending the shit out of Nintendo" I'm merely stating my opinion. And I'm not bashing anyone either, especially not for just disagreeing with someone's post.

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greenpowerz2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

MSFT only caring about casuals is a myth created by haters that hate the fact MSFT was successfully able to penetrate the casual market as well as owning the hardcore market. The 360 has the most hardcore games this holiday than any of the other consoles(casual games too)

Nintendo will easily be able to have a competitive hardcore fanbase as long as the Wii U's hardware is able to keep up with the others(which it will) and get more serious with online. The tablet being a head turner on the same level as the wiimote with casuals is a differnt story.

The Wii U concept is actually more hardcore than the other consoles(multi screen, multi step gaming) playing games on more than one screen with the game broken up among them is not casual but ultracore gaming. Reminds me of elite PC gaming more than it does simple pick up and play casual gaming.

Games like zombie U and future games like it is what I call ultracore gaming. Adds an extra step with an extra screen and external interface.

Puddlejumper752163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

The one group it wont please is haters though. They'll never be happy with anything Nintendo does.

Is the PS1 library full of nothing but core games? Nope
Full of casual games? Nope.
While it did have more casual games than core it had games for both and that is a big reason why it sold the most.
Same can be said for Nes,Snes, PS2.

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