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PlayStation Store Preview – August 14th, 2012

PSLS: This week’s highlight is Papo & Yo, a story about a young boy and his relationship with his trip-inducing frog-addicted pink Rhinoceros, which represents the developer’s touchy relationship with his father and his battle with alcoholism and drug addiction. That’s deep. Or, go deep past the 50-yard line for a Hail Mary with the Madden NFL 13 demo that is out this week for both the PS3 and PlayStation Vita (yay!). (Madden NFL 13, Papo & Yo, PS Vita, PS3)

Sev  +   1199d ago
I'm still playing Sound Shapes :)
Neo Nugget  +   1199d ago
I freakin' love this game. As someone who didn't look at a single video before buying it, I'm pleasantly surprised! :D
doctorstrange  +   1199d ago
Finally coming to Europe this week
mastemikegee  +   1198d ago
Where are the good levels though? I mean I know there are some but most of them are just 'theme songs' or 1 screen levels. They get over 1000 plays and over 200 likes too! Really? C'mon.

I want some cool levels made by people. And before you assume anything, I'm making my second one.
knifefight  +   1198d ago
I really hope these cool indy games get the attention they deserve.
TENTONGUN  +   1198d ago
beat sound shapes and still lovin it. bring on madden vita,, im fkn pumped, one of the reasons i bought it was for quick football games. money well spent
alexcosborn  +   1199d ago
Keep the content coming.
mafiahajeri  +   1199d ago
Interested to see how Madden NFL 13 plays on the vita even though I havent bought an American football game in my life!
BelieveinGhosts  +   1198d ago
so tell us, is it any good?
mafiahajeri  +   1198d ago
It's not out yet also go try it yourself when it's out TOMOROW! :D
BelieveinGhosts  +   1198d ago
but i dont have a vita !
Sokol  +   1199d ago
I believe CS:GO is on pre-order bonus this week? nothing is mentioned on it however.
GuruStarr78  +   1199d ago
It'll probably be like the one we got for soundshapes, a screen for your xmb on your ps3....

I'm looking forward to seeing how well ea did on madden for the Vita...
r21  +   1199d ago
yes papo & yo is coming out but dang it, short on cash. the demo will have to do till then :D
showtimefolks  +   1199d ago
psn is been on fire, for a lot of us who have been on psn since launch it has come a long way. Do you all think nintendo will go through the same learning curve when it comes to wii-u online?
cra2yey3z  +   1199d ago
Madden. NFL. 13
Siren30  +   1199d ago
another shit update
Hicken  +   1198d ago
Another troll comment.
BelieveinGhosts  +   1198d ago
well it isnt trolling if he doesnt have PS plus
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JAM_brz  +   1199d ago
I been tired of wait for more PS+ games to arrive every week. It´s better expect nothing in the next time.
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FinaLXiii  +   1199d ago
papo & yo seems only thing worth to check out. (ps3 only realted)
FinaLXiii  +   1199d ago
When Walking Dead ep 3 comes out i might sign in for Plus right now im low on cash.
Getowned  +   1199d ago
Wheres The Walking dead Episode 3!!.. I can't wait any longer! Kenny is really pissed off at me for siding with Lily :P

lol Waiting for Episode 3 and season 3 :(
yoshiroaka  +   1199d ago
Spoilers daddio!

Even tho there are multiple story arcs still, shoot out a warning first.
Getowned  +   1198d ago
It's not a spoiler, trust me lol . If you haven't played it yet I have spoiled nothing for you other than you can make choices to side with/help people which I love about this game.
yoshiroaka  +   1198d ago
I played episode one and half of 2. Cool then. The way things are right now for me that sounds like a spoiler lol.

Almost dont want to finish ep2 because the wait for ep3 would be killer.
Getowned  +   1198d ago
No problem, I would never spoil a game or movie for anyone intentionally, I hate spoilers. Even in the begging you can pick sides with lily or kenny so thats nothing new, I have to say be sure to replay them a few times and experiment with the choices, some of the outcomes can be really intresting at least to me they are. Love this game tho it really puts you on the spot from doing the right thing having to look after Clem, it's really amazing everything you do has an impact.
yoshiroaka  +   1198d ago
I hear ya!
Yea it really is a great experience.

Im loving it as well! Very refreshing game.
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Rhezin  +   1199d ago
Read the comic, it's wayyy better than any of it.
yoshiroaka  +   1199d ago
Hustle kings?... again?
Xof  +   1199d ago
You know, I used to actually rather like Sony. Right up until a few months ago, they seemed--out of the "big 3"--to be the one company that actually knew what they were doing.

Yes, in spite of all those stupid, asshat things like b/c removal and PSN outages.

Throughout all of that, I was still "with" Sony.


But Jesus ****ing Christ, their treatment of the Vita is abominable. It's inexcusable. It's pathetic. No console should ever go for so long with so little support unless the next generation is already there. This summer, the Vita is actually getting less support--fewer games, lesser games--than the PS2 did after the PS3 was already out. Hell, less than the DS got after the 3DS release. Or the PSP after the Vita...


But, yeah, go ahead fanboys. Toss in the disagree votes you know you want to add. Press that bubble down as much as you want. Just do us all a favor and don't bother posting one of those half-baked replies trying to defend sony's treatment of the Vita by pointing at all those games that came out several months ago with one hand, and all those games coming out several months from now with the other, because that's not the point. The point is the vast, 4-5 month long stretch (in which we sit squarely in the middle) with absolutely nothing.

So, yeah, I'm going to pre-empt things by calling out those fanboys right now as the moronic, brain-dead fools they are. If you're at all happy, or even just mildly satisified with how sony has been treating the Vita in the latter parts of June, July, August, September, and most of October... you are either an employee of Sony, or you are--by a vast degree--the most profoundly deluded individual I'm ever forced to deal with on any level.
Getowned  +   1198d ago
Thats how I felt when I got PS Move, I don't care for hand helds I haven't had one since Gameboy Advanced and all I played was pokemon rofl. I might get a 3DS if I ever do only for Mario and Zelda, and hopefully some Metroid action. I never buy consoles or any systems untill I'm happy with the games it has. You can always trade it in for a 3DS if your not happy.
TENTONGUN  +   1198d ago
yeah my vita rested for 2 months, i feel ya. picked it back up and still love the thing though. so much potential ya know.
Rhezin  +   1198d ago
I think handhelds are a dying breed nowadays anyway. They are a bit of a waste of investment and time. Personally, I don't own an Iphone nor probably never will, but it's such a huge competition for handhelds, nearly EVERYONE has one and probably plays angry birds or some new crap on them. I don't see 3DS or the VITA having a successor. It's sad, cuz I started out on a gameboy.
Getowned  +   1198d ago
I see what you mean I had a gameboy,gameboy color, and gameboy advanced. I think were going to start to see the fall of hand helds soon. Why have a 3DS or Vita when your Ipad and phone can do it all.. I think they would be smart to release games on any yhing that will play them, the "fall of exclusives" may be coming we've heard much talk about this a year ago as well as a few quotes something like "in the future there may be no exclusive"
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cedaridge  +   1198d ago
Madden 13 can't wait!!!!
Bowzabub  +   1198d ago
Madden should sell some Vitas.. We'll see.

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