PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale delayed?

Sony has seemingly delayed the release of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale by one month to November 20, with the official PlayStation Blog now prominently displaying a new release date on its front page.

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Rockefellow2195d ago

Man, Sony sucks sometimes.

victorGma212195d ago

Maybe they will include even more characters. If it's the case, I can wait 1 more month.

Army_of_Darkness2195d ago

The only problem I see is that cod might interfere with they're sales figure..... Im definitely gonna get this over cod though!

Reverent2195d ago

That could very well be it, what with all these people asking for all kinds of different characters. It's good to see that Superbot actually cares about us.

ginsunuva2195d ago

But not now.
This game could definitely benefit from more polish.

dp2774072195d ago

This is one game that I think that the more characters the better it will be. I know it sounds like the same thing someone would say about every fighter.

Hdz542195d ago

One month is not enough time to add a whole new character. This delay is likely because the developer won't be done by the original 10/23 release date, not because they all of a sudden decided to add more content to it.

Reverent2195d ago

They could easily have even a couple of characters done within a month. Especially if they are using character templates which I'd imagine they are. Don't underestimate these guys. They need to make concepts, designs, graphics, animations, mechanics, then balancing. Might seem like a lot for one person, but with an entire team behind it, it speeds up the process dramatically.

I've actually had experience with character design using the Unreal Engine in one of my college courses.

crimsonfox2195d ago

As if my Monday morning could get any worse COME ON!

izumo_lee2195d ago

Maybe the delay may have to deal with acquiring licenses for 3rd party characters to include in the game like Crash or Spyro. There is huge fan demand for these characters so getting them is more difficult than first realized.

crimsonfox2195d ago

I was thinking about that too, I can't even imagine all the paperwork and approval process' Superbot has to go through in a game like this. Every studio each character come from have to have approve every model and move. must take forever.

izumo_lee2195d ago

That is the unfortunate thing for Superbot. We all know they would love to add characters like Crash, Cloud, Spyro, etc. to their game but it is just not their call. They are under the mercy of the 3rd party publishers to accept what they are given to them which is why the rumors of 'New Dante' & 'New Raiden' may be true.

Even more sad is that this is happening with Sony's financial difficulties well documented & 3rd party publishers trying to get a little more out of Sony's pockets.

JBSleek2195d ago

I just wonder why so many third party characters. Sony has enough stars to fill the roster and it's called PlayStation All-Stars. One or two third party members seems enough outside of Crash and Spyro as those were the heart and soul of Sony past.

abzdine2195d ago

maybe Ken and Ryu ? Sony allowed Cole to be in SF X Tekken so there could be a deal between them :)

Abe is also missing imo !

JBSleek2195d ago

I would like Ashley Riot from Vagrant Story one of the most over looked dungeon crawlers of PS1.

I think it is more special to have mostly PlayStation characters as those are the ones I grew up with. But if third party means more characters I'm all for it.

P.S. Having Crash throwing crates at people would make me very happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.