Supers Smashed: The Problem With PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

"It would be foolish to dance around PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s extreme similarity to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series; it’s an almost identical concept – a four player fighting game featuring various popular PlayStation characters and environments, with a heavy focus on multiplayer."

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smashcrashbash2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Yawn. Another article saying 'it's hard not to mention the similarity between SSB and PASBR'. Are you guys broken records or something. Even Superbot has admitted they took cues from SSB, several times in fact. The danger is that at any time someone can unleash their attack on you and it is up to you to escape and/or dodge it. Also like I have said before there are other modes of play which will probably add more spice to the game once they are revealed. Also like I said before several times stop saying the attacks do nothing. In SSB normal attacks didn't do anything either except set you up for a smash attack. You could punch and kick a person all through out the game and they would never be knocked out. Trust me when I first started the game I used to hit everyone and wonder why they weren't dying until found out afterwards that I had to do a Smash attack. Also stop saying that falling off is a real problem. Falling off in SSB was just another cheap way for people to win a match. I have watched people exploit that in so many cheap ways it isn't funny.So in short PASBR is not SSB so stop trying to make it into SSB.

BiggCMan2109d ago

It's a different mechanic to win, I don't understand why people are so hellbent on the levels being closed off instead of open "like smash brothers". It's not Smash Brothers, it's a different game, so they have done something different, get the hell over it, try the game, and you will love it. I have been playing the beta for a few weeks now, and I will admit that before I did play it, I also thought it would be similar to Smash, but still fun of course. Once I started playing, I couldn't believe how different it actually feels from Smash. It feels very different, and takes much more skill to win than Smash does because you actually NEED to kill your opponents, whereas in Smash, they can die by accident. Both games can exist in this world without problems, the media just sees it as a good story to compare them and call Battle Royal a copycat.

ShinMaster2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

They keep talking about it changing things from Smash Bros, when it's not even supposed to be like Smash Bros or play the same way.
I don't know whether to laugh or smack them o_O

Why do they have to keep comparing them? "Oh it's a problem because it doesn't do this one thing the other game does".
PROTIP: Stop playing it like Smash. Play it the way it's meant to be played.

Why can't they just let it be its own game!?

DarkHeroZX2109d ago

Sly cooper stealth mode lol! hide in the corner until attack is done lol

kanetheking2109d ago

you need to attack to get ap to do sp-attacks so you would lose

DarkHeroZX2109d ago

My previous comment was in response to smashcrash bash. I meant to avoid other peoples special. They can't hit what they can't see lol.

Outside_ofthe_Box2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

This is what's going to be the problem with PSA Battle Royale. People are going to play Battle Royale with the mindset of SSB which will in turn make them perform poorly in the game causing them to say things like "this game sucks because it doesn't _______ like SSB" "this game is whack because it doesn't allow me to __________ like SSB"

Similar to how CoD players whine about a first person shooter not playing like CoD because they play the game like CoD instead of playing it the way the game was designed to be played.

People just don't know what they want. They want the game to play like SSB, but call it a rip-off. The game plays differently than SSB, but they whine about how it doesn't do this and that like SSB, LOL.

SilentNegotiator2108d ago

"It would be foolish to dance around PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s extreme similarity to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series; it’s an almost identical concept – a four player fighting game featuring various popular PlayStation characters and environments, with a heavy focus on multiplayer"

Except Nintendo didn't even remotely invent that concept. And between the "special attacks" and closed off arenas....the game is in many ways fundamentally different in gameplay.

Septic2108d ago

Its unbelievable how so many on here are so deluded and defensive that they cannot bring themselves to admit that this is a blatant imitation of Smash Brothers. Smash brothers had its very own template in terms of layout and is a game featuring Nintendo's mascots- Sony is doing the exact same thing.

If this cannot be regarded as an imitation, NOTHING can. People making references to Street Fighter and the like are nit-icking to such an extreme degree.

But who cares? Lets agree its an imitation- it doesn't necessarily take anything away from the game if the game is good fun. Sony All Stars might even surpass Smash Brothers in terms of quality and gameplay. But fanboys on here are so eager to defend this and argue that black is white. Wake up.

omarzy2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )


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neutralgamer192109d ago

Ive heard alot of good things about this game. All my friends in the beta love it. Too bad im not in it grrrr.

Whitefeather2109d ago

It's fun, it's what the PS fans asked for, the characters have charm to PS fans. So what's the problem?

JBSleek2109d ago

I'm not a fan of specials being the only way to get kills either but that is likely because I'm used to playing SSB and the excitement that brings being one hit away from being plunge out of the stage.

mafiahajeri2109d ago

I was really skeptical about PSASBR but the gameplay and how they brought all these characters together is just insanely fun. Loving the beta! Thanks again LtSkittles!!

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