DayZ creator details standalone additions – more buildings, crafting, new weapons

DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall has revealed a few additions we’re likely to see in the ArmA II mod’s remake as a standalone game.

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ATi_Elite2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I'm so looking forward to the standalone DayZ!

The weapon crafting system sounds very good.

Lighter + Spray Paint = Blow Torch YEH!

Crafting some more powerful and effective SILENT weapons will be a plus. Clothes customizations are gonna be so excellent. Arma II has some highly detailed uniforms.

Tr10wn2228d ago

"Arma II has some highly detailed uniforms."

I really which he build the game around Arma 3 engine, he said in an interview that he knows the Arma 3 engine pretty well so i really hope he use it, even tho if he builds it on the Arma 2 engine i will still buy it, that game is just too good but the graphics, the animations the mobility of the Arma 3 engine is far superior.

ATi_Elite2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Here's the plan:

1. release DayZ standalone on Virtual Reality Engine 3 (Arma II Engine) by Winter 2012

2. Arma 3 gets released on Virtual Reality Engine 4 sometime in 2013

3. DayZ 2 (working title) gets released on Virtual Reality Engine 4 as Arma 3 DLC sometime in late 2013

Virtual Reality Engine 3 is gonna Break your PC. Bohemia Interactive will further push Photo realistic graphics with VRE3.

Arma II on Ultra looks pretty dam impressive and requires a strong PC to run on Ultra (GTX460 or higher but you better have a Kick ASS 4 core CPU)

(I forgot I run mine with the Ace Mod 2 which is why my Arma looks so dam good)

urwifeminder2228d ago

I must admit i got arma 2 for day z but im still hooked on arma 2 cant get myself off it lol.