Borderlands 2 Lead Designer Confirms: Your Girlfriend Sucks at Shooters

Elizabeth DeLoria of Rant Gaming rants on why Borderlands lead designer John Hemingway's comments were inappropriate, harmful, and indicative of outstanding industry issues.

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VanillaBear2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Why make such a big deal out of what he said...

He has a bit of a point

Out of the people out there in realtionships where one of them is a gamer (girl/guy) I bet you would would find that more "girlfriends" suck a games or don't play them more then "boyfriends". Gaming is more of a guys thing it's not surprizing that he would say something like this, he's only pointing out theres more guys out there who's girlfriends don't play on games. I mean to find a girl who is a massive gamer where her boyfriend has no interest iat all is quite rare compared to it being the other way round.

I'm not being sexist, I'm just point out the facts. I understand the whole "being equal" stuff for real girl gamers but I wish you guys would understand that the reason why it may seem a little sexist and unequal is because the bigger audience of the gaming industery is made up of males. Gaming has always been targeted at guys right back to when that stereotype of geeks and guys came to be....always has been, always will be.

If you like games then find, but don't make such a big deal over something like this when you know what to expect in this kind of industry. It's like those girls who complain about the online when they get called worse then crap in multiplayer matches...yeah online is a bit of a boys club, what do you expect.

Captain Qwark 92163d ago

a few spelling errors lol but very well said. its not being sexist its just facts. all them reports where they claim females make up 50% of gamers is the biggest load of crap ive ever heard. a girl who plays angry birds or wii fit is tech a gamer, since she occasionally plays games but she is not on the same level as pretty much anyone on this site or most males who can actually tell you the next 3 triple a games coming out and who spend hrs a week on their consoles or pcs.

ive been gaming for 20+ years and ive met 2 woman who were actual gamers and they still sucked at the dual sticks and shooters and of my last 3 serious girlfriends, two of them actually got into gaming and would play real games, the first even jammed on halo online. that said, she still sucked compared to most men. the other one could never figure out shooting games and the newest one wont even try for more than 2min becuase its hard and she just doesnt get it.

if i were in his position id prob have said the same thing and couldnt care less what people thought. thats life, get over it

Persistantthug2163d ago

I don't mind female gamers myself.

If games or the industry made man jokes, I wouldn't have a fit.

PooEgg2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Let's look at it this way. As gamers I think most of us don't like it when the media compares us to mass murderers and other nutcakes who just happen to game. We also don't like it when people assume that we all live in our parents basements, are unemployed, and other such gamer stereotypes. We take offense to this, because even though some gamers are indeed crazy and some of us are indeed lazy, it doesn't mean that all of us fit in that category.

Stereotyping of any sort is ignorant, and it is often offensive to whoever is being stereotyped. So if female gamers are upset with this I think they have a right to feel that way.

Trenta272163d ago

This drama could go on and on, but it's going to do nothing to stop people from buying one of the biggest games this year.

garibubuprincess2163d ago ShowReplies(2)
GamingGuru2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Weird because I don't think he ever said my girlfriend sucked at gaming.

Hey Liz, you're a liar.

How about instead of knee jerking your way to the front of N4G, how about actually analyzing what he said and really taking it for what it is.

It's been made very clear that he didn't mean it the way you and other gossip columnists are painting him. If the intent was good and nobody was hurt then why is it a big deal?

Liz, if you are reading this, you either wrote this because you didn't do your due diligence as a writer or you got riled up and decided to ignore doing any sort of investigative work.

That guy is a person Liz, you are a worse person for painting him the way you are. He said something that could be construed as sexist by people (meaning just people, not singling out females), it isn't.

It's funny that this article is complaining about saying horrible things as it attempts to smear someone.

Get a grip Liz, your article is trash. There are issues with gender equality that exists within our medium, this isn't one of them. If you blindly fire at every little thing, your voice becomes all the more obsolete.

Treasure your position on the web and your voice, don't just blindly use it and cheapen it.

R_aVe_N2163d ago

People who write stuff like really don't care if it paints somebody in a bad light as long as they get their hits from it. The article itself was not informative, or well thought out. It seemed to me it was written "pretending" to be upset over nothing at all. I do agree there are issues in the medium now that are do involve gender equality but this is not even close to being one.

ziggurcat2163d ago

this is pretty appropriate:

Dlacy13g2163d ago

bubbs for the funny ass image. love it.

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