RPG gamer previews Atlus latest Baroque

Atlus is still cranking out RPGs on the PS2. RPG gamer previews their latest Baroque


This game is also going to be on the Wii

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PS360WII3849d ago

heh yup that's sounds like an Atlus game. Full of questions off the bat with no real direction pointed out ^^ This will be a fun challange

lonestarmt3849d ago

yeah I like how even if you die it sort of keeps the story going

PS360WII3849d ago

Yeah dieing as part of the story is intresting. A test subject of what you think? Having to lose exp and items to progress a story might be a tough bullet for me to bite ;) Though they way this guy died without knowing what was going on I suppose it won't be by my choice lol

lonestarmt3849d ago

yeah this is a tough choice for me. Its one of those games that if you don't buy first release it could be really hard to find. Then again the constant dying might get on my nerves.

PS360WII3849d ago

Yeah they are readily available then a year later you can only find them on the web for 80 bucks or more >< We'll see though

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