Marvel Cosmic Would Make Amazing Video Games | I have to admit that after my initial splurge of comic fanboyism at the end of The Avengers earlier this summer, I was filled with fanboy rage when I saw so many blank faces at the enemy reveal. So many people were left in the dust about how big this was. I heard plenty of people saying, “who is that?” Now, let me say that if you have not seen The Avengers yet, first off shame on you, and secondly I’d skip down to the first header.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2107d ago

Not bad ideas.

I personally would like to see a thinking man's version of Infinity Gauntlet.

Meaning, I would want a game that allowed you to make choices during the plot and use detective work to decide how to proceed.
I would have to imagine that all of the heroes were confused and dismayed by the events unfolding around them.

And they had to make huge choices and strange alliances - I would want that captured in a more Heavy Rain or L.A. Noire fashion.

AztecFalcon2107d ago

My biggest problem with the Infinity Gauntlet event was that Thanos could have done anything at any time. He didn't have to work towards anything. He already had the gauntlet. Whereas with Annihilation, Annihilus had to wage war to try and take over. There was something both sides were working towards.

Infinity Gauntlet just felt like the heroes got lucky Thanos was busy trying to tap dat ass.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2107d ago


No, there was a reason they won (well 2 reasons lol), Adam Warlock explained it to Thanos at the end of the series.

--Also, if they apply that reason- they could do all of the "Infinity" Series.

Please Note: I am not arguing against the Annihilation idea.
(I cheered when I saw the Baddie at the end of Avengers. So, Cosmic Movies/Games new or rehashed are ALL welcome).