Black Ops 2 multiplayer info: what’s new and what’s changed?

We look through the latest info on Black Ops 2 multiplayer to see what’s changed this time round and few things that have stayed the same.

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JBSleek2163d ago

I'm pretty excited for this game as of right now.

unchartedxplorer2163d ago

I don't know.......bit unsure about this multiplayer, but there is going to be a livestream of bo2 multiplayer on the 15th apparently, so I'll judge it off that.

megacowdung2162d ago

I'm still unsure but I think it looks 10x better than MW3.

taquito2162d ago

at first i was putting this game off, but truthfully it looks as though the dev is really trying to bring a lot to the table.

also, they have gone on record stating the pc version will have dedicated servers, much higher texture resolutions and a bevy of other advanced pc-only features.....

so i may just have to pick this up, i liked bo1 but was not very pleased with mw3 at all