Dead Space First Look by ActionTrip

ActionTrip writes:

"Amongst other countless titles EA has in development right now, the publisher decided to tackle the horror genre with the BioShock-ish sci-fi shooter Dead Space. While BioShock may be the first obvious comparison, it looks as though Dead Space relies on the classic survival horror formula (think Resident Evil), on top of offering several cool unique features. This should, EA hopes, set it apart from the lot."

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Joey Gladstone3851d ago

This game looks to have GREAT potential.....the only thing that worries me is EA's involvement.......
.."The JOEY has Spoken"

joevfx3851d ago

yeah i saw this in the upcoming game sof 2008 in the last gamepro and it looked like it could be as scary as playign as the Marines in ALiens vs predator 2 game.

Jinxstar3850d ago

Event Horizon anyone?

I hope it lives up to the hype. Looks pretty good.

ravinash3850d ago

I'm hoping that its going to be one hell of a scary game....edge of your seat stuff.

3850d ago