Diehard GameFAN: Death Rally Review

DHGF: For a ten dollar remake of a classic PC title that made its debut on the iOS and Androoid, Death Rally hits all the right notes. It’s a fast paced game that lets the player in and out as much as they like. Want to blow through it in one big eight to ten hour play session, have at it. Want to piece it out over a week or two or longer, that’s okay too. The only thing I don’t like is how awkward it feels to use the keyboard to control after using a 360 controller. There’s a nice variety of tracks, challenges, unlockable cars, weapons, and even what I’m assuming to be a riff on George Lucas as the big bad guy who gets you into this mess at the start of the game. It’s a great remake of the title, runs well and it’s a steal for the price even if you have the free Android version.

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