Borderlands 2 - "Come and get me" Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "2K Games and Gearbox have released a new trailer for Borderlands 2 and we’ve got to admit that Gearbox knows how to create hilarious trailers. After the ‘Wimoweh’ trailer, here comes another one that gives us an insight on the game’s story mode and classes. In Boderlands 2, players will have to defeat handsome Jack who is the main antagonist and has a few tricks up his sleeves."

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Nimblest-Assassin2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Super excited for this game.... playing the first on my laptop now, and im highly enjoying it

But... can anyone explain the "kinda cool" thing zero did? Did he posses the enemy?

A bit annoyed that I can't run BL2 on max, since it recomended card is geforce gtx 640, and I have geforce gt 630, so Im hoping the visuals will still be up to par

DryPancake2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Whoa, that's cool, I'm the top comment for that video :D

user54670072230d ago

Good trailer but how come the new characters are called vault hunters. I mean shouldn't they be called something else to seperate them from the real vault hunters. The whole vault storyline is over now...

Anyway I wish they should show a trailer where your helping out the old vault hunters. I just find it a bit weak story wise that after everything they went through in the first game they managed to get captured and you have to save them. If Handsome Jack was going around saying he's a hero, that he opened the vault and killed the destroyer then I wouldn't want someone else to take revenge for me, I would want to do it myself.

vallencer2230d ago

They are called vault hunters because they are searching for a new vault before handsome jack gets it. The new vault has an insane power in it instead of wealth.

Raf1k12230d ago

Apparently the vault isn't just one vault according some dev commentary on a vid I watched. There are apparently multiple vaults.

VanillaBear2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

More vaults?

Well they've never made that clear in the first game, hell even when the Guardian Angel talks to you she makes it out to be "the" vault which gives of the impression it's the only one.

Anyway it's not about the vault this time round the angel just contacts the new players to kill Jack because he is ruining Pandora. Lets not forget that he left them for dead. Have to agree with Mike, they shouldn't be called Vault hunters. I mean they are only on Pandora to compete in the tournament that Jack had set up before he leaves them for dead...not a vault.

Raf1k12230d ago

I think it's a bit weird they're calling them that too but TBH I don't think they'd call them vault hunters without reason. I'm sure it'll be made clear in the game.

vallencer2230d ago

Ok so the "insane power" is instead an ancient evil named "the warrior" and it might not be in a vault so i may have that part wrong. However i know that the story is more than just about bringing handsome jack down. So heres a link to wiki so you can read up on it.

mafiahajeri2230d ago

Cool looking villian and nice funny dialogue. I hope the whole game is like this, looking forward to this.

jjb19812230d ago

Awesome game, in borderlands 1, I found a very rare assault rifle that fired a thousand rounds a minute and had a high damage rating. Also very accurate, I beat the final boss and general knoxx in about 30 seconds. I hope Bl2 has more guns like this

lastdual2230d ago

Loving the voice acting. Borderlands 2 just looks like good, straight-up fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.