Versus Fondling – Street Fighter x Tekken DLC

Our Fondling video series lets editors play the games for your entertainment purposes. They come in many flavors, but all taste equally sweet.

This episode features the best of both worlds. We take a quick look at the 12 new fighters recently added to Street Fighter x Tekken while whooping up on each other. It is kind of like a versus mixed with a review. Sit back and enjoy watching Ken “ZeroTolerance” McKown and Justin “KillerWolverine” Testa throw down in SFxT.

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Kratoscar20082192d ago

this is not DLC this is rip-off.

kagon012192d ago

Whoever promote this BS is a corporate **** sucker.

vortis2192d ago

Why do these douchehogs make it like gamers should be excited about this crap?

"Oh, check out the stuff you've had on your disc for the past couple of months that you can't play unless you crack it or pay extra for it. Herp, derp, herp"