Activision "certainly don't think the growth is over" for Call of Duty

European VP Michael Sportouch of Activision has said there's no trouble with continued growth for Call of Duty, especially as they look to take on the Chinese market with a free-to-play project.

Growth continues in "mature, established" Europe too, said Sportouch. Black Ops II could spur even more to join the Call of Duty banner. The "extended console cycle" has boosted multiplayer.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2229d ago

Go ahead console gamers! You can make it happen! lol

Baka-akaB2229d ago

pc gamers too . Let's not pretend they even neglect buying it .

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

You do know skyrim, witcher 2 & BF3 outsold mw3 on pc right?

MW3 on pc didn't even sold 1 million. Also there is no Elite on pc because they know they won't pay.

lol with CS:GO that will out sell cod & Planetside 2 which is free why buy cod unless your on xbox.

Army_of_Darkness2229d ago

I would honestly be surprised if cod got less sales this year. Seems like people can't get enough of it?! I'm still working on the first modern warefare lol!

Baka-akaB2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

That other game sold better is no point at all (and btw the witcher 2 didnt outsell it , and BF isnt exactly wiping the floor with it) . Bottom line is every cod is selling well on pc too . MW3 pc outsold Black ops PC wich outsold MW2 wich outsold MW1 .

And you know very well its selling better in digital form like the rest of those game .

So you can keep your "pc knows better and lolz consoles "act for yourself , they dont . The game keeps selling better each year on pc despite the numerous crap and shenaningans from EA , just like the shafted ps3 .

GuyThatPlaysGames2229d ago

Why is there always hate towards CoD?? Are you really mad because the 10 yr olds that play the game can kick ur ass any day of the week in it?? I play about 2-3 hrs a day and rarely run across little kids that play it. That excuse gets really old now. If you don't like quickscoping then don't use a sniper rifle. If the game is so "broken" then don't buy it or play it. Say what you want but all your "CoD Haters" out there will be right there in line at the midnight release.

AtomicGerbil2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Activision must be so proud that the majority of their user base aren't legally old enough to buy it.

As for growth, explain why out of a list of forty friends only one plays CoD anymore, yet three years ago is was all but one?

Kaos_Vll2228d ago

yea, because YOUR friends list really means something.

AtomicGerbil2228d ago

Oh bless!

Any friend list could represent a cross section of the gaming community, but I picked mine because.....wait for's the only friend list I'm fully aware of. So I do apologise for not mentioning a list other than my own. I must also apologise that the gaming habits of my friends does not agree with your love of Call of Duty. I shall endeavour to think of others when I observe the world around me in future, so as not to offend the delicate and easy to annoy.

Oh and if this post offends you then please go ahead and assume that I couldn't care less.

Kaos_Vll2228d ago

it's just a game to me bud, nothing more nothing less. your assumations are funny though

simonrope2229d ago

Haters gonna hate.

Just because a game you hate is doing well, theres no need for hate :)

StayStatic2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

The game play is really poor Imbalanced laggy garbage ever since Activsion ruined MW2 and made the original IW team run for the hills , the next real COD game will be released when Respawn Entertainment says so.

The hate is needed because well , Put simply Activsion are Greedy Corporate Bastards and ruin every IP they touch and not to stand against these types of companies is cowardly and pathetic =)

GuyThatPlaysGames2229d ago

I bet every Cod game is right there in your game collection. Don't deny it, just like every other "hater" in here.

ChunkyLover532229d ago

People are so fickle these days, I think its good that a video game breaks records in entertainment each and every year, it gives a little positive press to gamer's, instead of the negative press which is always so present.

Also, everyone plays COD, Olympic Gold Medalists, sports stars, regular people, movie stars, musicians and even a ton of women play it. I'm all for positive reactions when it comes to games.

FinaLXiii2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

"it gives a little positive press to gamer's, instead of the negative press which is always so present. "

Call of Duty games gave gamers more bad press than good belive me.

@ChunkyLover53 im talking about being violent and all that.

ChunkyLover532229d ago

I never see anything COD related when it comes to news, with the exception of when it breaks records each and every year.

The vocal minority hate on the game, but I have a feeling they still end up buying the game. Its fun, even if you don't play it religiously, it still offers some quick and frantic fun. The night a new COD releases is the only time my friends list has 95% of people on it after midnight and they are all playing the new COD game, you just don't see that with other games.

Baka-akaB2229d ago

When you are played by everyone , the "press" will only remember that everyone = psychopaths and deranged people too .

Mind you i wish COD to stay at the top forever mostly unchallenged . We've had already too much game trying to reproduce the cod factor and too much old ips selling their souls ... i dont want a flood of cod players "ruining" other ips with their demands or in their quest for a successor .

GearSkiN2229d ago

I don't play much cod anymore I just got tired of it coming out every year. But I don't hate the game. For me cod is like CS its a game that its always gonna be around, and I don't think it should get some hate. I respect what ppl like. If u like other games, good for u!

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