UGO: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 preview

The first Rainbow Six Vegas was a breath of fresh air when it dropped in late 2006. In an attempt to streamline a series that was once focused on planning phases and punishing diffuculty, Ubisoft designed Rainbow Six less like a real world tactical op and more like an episode of 24. The end result was a great mix of action and strategy, and offered up a killer multiplayer experience.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 doesn't appear to be reinventing the series as much as the first game did. In fact, to the untrained eye you'd probably think you were looking at the same game. But beneath the graphics and gameplay, whose tweaks are minor but appreciated, some very nifty additions have been made that are sure to enthuse just about any member of the Rainbow team.

Preview by Russell Frushtick.

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JosefTor3704d ago

I loved Rainbow Six Vegas but hopefully they vastly improve on the graphics which were quite rudimentary at the time and also improve upon the horrible advertisement campaign they pulled. Imagine walking down the strip and seeing Dodge cars everywhere and only Dodge cars. Then imagine the Dodge cars were not graphically designed well (not many details or polygons and it showed) and that is what he had last time. Other then that though the game did hit where all games should hit and that is the funness factor. I'd choose a fun game over graphics anyday. With Call of Duty 4 we don't have to choose.

Guwapo773704d ago

I can only hope there is some hint of graphical improvement on this game. I can't speak for the 360 version but the PS3 version was pretty blurry (well its possible the implemented haze/fog and didn't tell anyone). I hope they get fixed atleast. Other than that...RB6 provided me with a great 6 months of gaming pleasure.

For me...this is my AAA title...until MGS4 drops.