Cloud Gaming Services

We tested Onlive and Gaikai, open cloud gaming services that enable on-demand gaming of demanding video games on weak machines.

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turnerdc2017d ago

Seems like they had a better experience with OnLive.

L-a-i-n2017d ago

From what I read they did but I really don't see where they put much effort at all into the Gaikai part. From my experience Gaikai has a higher quality in graphic but a slower speed. Onlive less crisp graphics and faster speed. You really gotta pick your poison on this one lol

DeadlyFire2017d ago

Otoy with Octane Render + video games = best graphics + speed. At least that is in my imagination of their goal. Which has been why they have not shown much to the public yet.

chaos65222014d ago

Gaikai is a cool idea, it is rather let down by the cost of being able to use it.