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TSA: "If E3 2012 attempted to bypass the fact that a new generation was in desperate need (Wii U aside, of course) next year’s Los Angeles-based expo will have no such grace: PS4 and Xbox 720 are coming, and soon, and it’s now just a tactical waiting game to see who moves first. Sony, with what many are hoping will either be a beast of a console or some super light streaming box the size of a matchstick; or Microsoft, with a media centre to rule the living room, powered by a revised Kinect so accurate it can pick up your fingerprints from twenty feet away."

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AtomicGerbil2079d ago

Hmmm! Apparently Sony is already dead according to the mass of articles we are led to believe lately.

Just so glad I still retain the ability to make my own mind up when I need to.

chrisarsenalsavart2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Sony will fail again and again just like before.
wait a minute Ps1 103 million, ps2 155 million, psp 74 million, ps3 66 million.
i wish i was a failure too.

ChunkyLover532079d ago

So what you are saying is that Sony isn't AS successful with the Vita or PS3 as they have been in the past? That doesn't really mean doom, but clearly things are going in the opposite direction for Sony.

PS1 and PS2 were both great though, really enjoyed those consoles.

Blankman852079d ago

What about PS3 completely eating through the profit they made during the ps1 and ps2 era? Any words on that?

BitbyDeath2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

360 would have done the same if the original Xbox had made a profit

Blankman852079d ago

Except the 360 recouped all its losses already and has already made microsoft a tidy overall profit. Thanx mostly to Xbox live.

BitbyDeath2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

If you look into it closer you will see Sony has a 'SCE division' which is strictly limited to Playstation where as MS have a 'Entertainment and Devices Division' which is made up of many different components such as Phones, DVR's, perperials, Xbox etc

So when you hear things like this story -


It shows on the chart the profits here are more than just the 360.

Sony has separate divisions for phones, movies, music, other hardware etc which makes the two hard to compare as they are not 1:1

ALLWRONG2079d ago

Notice how those numbers go up to a peak and then drop down, and down?

tehpees32079d ago

Right now Sony's top priority is getting Vita off the ground. They are too busy with that to even think about PS4.

UltraVegito2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

The Vita is a wonderful system no doubt about it but been abit lacking lately.
They need to focus on the vita right now with more info on upcomming games and hopefully future introduction of
more exclusive vita IPs like gravity rush and soul sacrifice.

blumatt2079d ago

You're crazy if you don't think Sony is going to announce the PS4 next year. The Vita is important but not as important as their home console.

I expect an easy to develop for console with all the features the PS3 lacked for around a $399 launch price. It may or may not be backward compatible. Probably not sadly because they might not use the Cell. Or they might have a BC version for a higher price. Who knows with Sony. LoL.

I'm most likely getting all three this go around.

boybato2079d ago

as long as sony announces games that would set the vita its own identity i would be very happy. (something along the line of games such as gravity rush, soul sacrifice etc.)

arkard2079d ago

Actually if Sony were to announce the ps4 and showed off some huge features that used the psvita that made people want to use the system to its full potential. Psvita sales would handle themselves.

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