The Adventurer is more than just an Uncharted rip-off - BeefJack preview

BeefJack: "The Adventurer looks to owe more than a little to the Uncharted series – but does it have its own tricks up its beautifully rendered sleeves? We take a first look at this gorgeous upcoming FPS, and find out why it’s even more than meets the eye."

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2194d ago

"Is The Adventurer basically Uncharted, but viewed from a first-person perspective? That’s certainly the first impression a lot of people got when the first batch of screenshots was released a couple of weeks ago. "

Other games came to mind when I first laid eyes on uncharted.

Freak of Nature2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Yup, first thing that came to mind for me was Raiders of the lost ark. Not a game but style and feel wise....

With the great success of Uncharted there is bound to be new games that emulate it,. But hopefully will bring something new to the table, new innovations and additions, this game seems to aspire to Uncharted, but they look to be also trying to expand on it with there own take...

I am interested, lets see how this comes out, it's promising...

MilkMan2194d ago

Sounds interesting, I'll be keeping an eye out for more developments. I like shooters that offer more than just running and gunning.

PhantomTommy2194d ago

This could actually be pretty good. I just hope that "The Adventurer" is a working title.

MysticStrummer2194d ago

If The Adventurer had released first, this article would have a very different tone. " Is Uncharted a Shameless Rip-off of The Adventurer? "