Microsoft Says Alan Wake Info is False

Videogamer writes:

"An interview with little-known blog Sith Gamer rocketed across the internet over the last week. Revelations from Microsoft's Robbie Bach that the platform holder would be showing off the very secretive Alan Wake and other titles at the upcoming GDC were far too juicy for gamers to ignore. It now turns out that all this teased info has come from the mind of the blogger, Microsoft informing that this interview is entirely fictional."

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Blademask3525d ago

which means alan wake is still nothing more than that sunset glare screenshot, and an old PC tech demo.

Joey Gladstone3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

In all honesty what screenshot, or video has (apparently) everyone else in the world seen that I havent??? because to date this game still looks to be a Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill, Resident Evil clone in many ways.....

by all means someone provide me with some kind of link or something to show me why THIS game Alan Wake deserves any of the hype being thrown its way
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Blademask3525d ago

Well back in 2005 there was a tech demo video, which was ran on a PC. Youtube it.

And then there are the Screenshots that look almost as good as HL2.

poos33525d ago

IVE seen more of this game than ive seen of final fantasy .This game is coming for the 360 in 2008 microsoft just said it wont be shown at gdc whats the big deal?

InMyOpinion3525d ago

Are'nt you dudes commenting in the wrong zone?

Wile3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Pfft, just like in the early stages "Uncharted" looked like a Tomb Raider clone right? Whatever, back to the "Open Zone with you all."

Rocko3525d ago

I woulda gone with Indiana Jones: the movie game.

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gamesblow3525d ago

Just remember when I told everyone about the memo we got to pull Alan Wake from preorders on the xbox 360. Basically, it's not coming. sorry.

Ru3525d ago

Tells me that Allen Wake is going to be Xbox360's horror mystery equivalent to Drake's Uncharted? I hope we do get to see some more of this game soon!

THE_JUDGE3525d ago

same kind of game. You could have said and exclusive MS version of Silent Hill and you prolly would be a bit closer I guessing.

Ru3525d ago

Horror Mystery equivalent

LinuxGuru3525d ago

That a lame comparison.

"it's the same.....but it's not."

What are you smoking?

"Mystery Horror Equivalent".....more like....non-equivalent, Survival-Horror derivative / ripoff.

Kleptic3525d ago

I just want to see more of the game...Remedy is awesome, and Max Payne 2 was one of the best games of this decade imo...

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cjp4eva3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

looks like the xbox 360 lineup keeps getting shorter and shorter....

Stubacca3525d ago

Looks like they are just shouting out game titles in a desperate attempt for Microsoft to deliver better games this year. Has this ever worked?

Metal Gear!



Mind you, if you had an X-box, it's all you really can do. Other than wrap the machine up in towels to get some exciting red lights! Woo-hoo!

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