Why there's still hope for the PlayStation Vita

Sony's next-generation handheld has endured a tough start, but developers think it can still turn things around.

Sony continues to state that things are on track for the Vita, but not everyone shares this enthusiasm. Kenichi Ogasawara, producer of Dynasty Warriors NEXT, offers his views on the current state of the Vita.

"I get the impression that its spread in popularity is lower than expected. As a portable gaming device, I think it goes over and beyond the required specs, but at the same time smartphones have become very popular, so at this time I don't think that users in Japan, Europe and North America feel a strong need for it.

"I don't know what kind of expectations Sony has, but I think that all the developers and publishers probably feel that it is not meeting their expectations".

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simonrope2197d ago

Wishful thinking is wishful.

Lord_Sloth2197d ago

As long as there is Monster Hunter, there is always hope.

Unexpecta2197d ago

I hate it when people mention Monster Hunter as the "killer" title that will change tides. Sure it's a popular game, but any game can be popular. It's all about if you make it right and play your cards right.

tachy0n2197d ago

sadly, thats Call of Duty's job because it is the most selling game like it or not.

mafiahajeri2197d ago

Gamescom and TGS is their last chance to impress with the Vita...

Trenta272197d ago

Pretty much. It's make it or break it for them. Impressions there set the stage for the rest of the year, especially the holiday season.

I really hope some good stuff gets shown. Sound Shapes is cool and all, but I'm going to beat it eventually...

Mustang300C20122197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Yet fanboys complain it is the articles that are written are at fault for having the audacity to claim no one should be concerned. Yet people in the industry making the actual games are on the same page of those concerns.

GribbleGrunger2197d ago

Don't try to pull that one, please. It's got nothing to do with articles that tackle the less than positive aspects of Sony, it's the sheer volume of them and the headlines that accompany them.

Mustang300C20122197d ago

Welcome to the world. What do you expect? The whole world writes about them yet your complaining about them on consolidated to this website which is designed to bring those articles here which is approved by the readers here. What is the difference between this and the daily RROD articles and PSN down articles? Yet it is the same people whining about the amount of articles that whined then about anything Sony that didn't sit in a good light.

What is surrounding Sony and Vita and amount of articles is no less or more about the amount that is talked about in any industry. It just so happens you come to N4g

Straightupbeastly2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

You can have hope in anything if you detach yourself from the reality of it.

GribbleGrunger2197d ago ShowReplies(2)
ziggurcat2197d ago

for god's sake, the device has only been on the market for, what... 6 months?

f**k off with the stupid doom articles, already.

Mustang300C20122197d ago

So Sony should just shut up then right since it is them who open their mouths about their status?

wrong2197d ago

Vita failed and should die [Negative] - Rage

Vita has a hope [Positive]- Rage

Seriously, whats article do you want? Vita is a huge success! Vita is a revolution! Something like that?

Unexpecta2197d ago

In my books, the PSVita is better than any portable gaming device on the market right now. Whether it be your phones, tablets, 3DS, whatever, the Vita is the best.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32197d ago

So you sit and admire the specs all day? Because the vita definitely doesn't have the games to make the claim of best handheld. If it did then I would have one...but I don't.

Bumeo2197d ago

I dont know what that guys talking about..the vita not having games..including mini/psp/psv..I would say it has the LARGEST selection of games on the portable market. He must mean games he wants..Ive got plenty of games myself lol I'm sory the vita doesn't have Nintendogs, MySims pets or Pokemon-Tangerine...

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