Neo Geo X Gold - Worldwide Distribution in December... But Why?

Tommo Inc., in a partnership with SNK Playmore is going to be releasing the NeoGeo X Gold in December, but why? What is the point? CEO of Tommo says "Great game consoles don't die; they're just reborn...", but is it the console that was great, or the games that made it great?

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3GenGames2168d ago

It makes more sense to pick up a $100 used PSP and put a Neo Geo emulator on it. And then every other 2D system. $200 is TOO MUCH, period.

darthv722168d ago

but to me i will get one as a collectors item.

Especially if the docking station looks like a little AES unit.

maniacmayhem2168d ago

This will definitely appeal to collectors only. Anyone else I don't see a reason for getting this.

" the ridiculous price of $650 dollars back in 1990,"

Funny how inflated that price was back then and could apply to even now.

darthv722168d ago

asking people to plunk down $600+ for a console by a company not as widely known like sega or nintendo was a real commitment.

Sony could get away with it because they were Sony. A well established company with a long history of quality products not to mention top selling platforms.

Ben_Grimm2168d ago

But they didn't really get away with it did they?

Soon they were stripping features and lowering the price.

maniacmayhem2168d ago

I wasn't referring to Sony but you are right.

But even today, if you came out with a console system for $650 I doubt you would see that system sell successfully.

buckley2168d ago

I remember how much that price point shocked me back in the day. It was like a video game system for the filthy rich.

What would be the equivalent now? Charging $1000 for a new system?

Flavor2168d ago

Self destructive behavior is usually linked to frustration at achieving one's goals.

The Japanese gaming industry doesn't know how to compete and it is losing its mind, pulling stuff like this. No one is going to buy this. No one.

They need to get rid of the dinosaurs sitting on innovation and let the 20 somethings toiling away at part time wages chart the course for the future.

CarlosX3602167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

First of all, you have no idea what kind of niche this fills. Ever since NEO-GEO hit the arcades world-wide, everyone wanted a NEO-GEO console. That is, until they saw the price. I even told my mom I wanted it. But it was not feasible for a family who can throw $600 out of the window like it's nothing.

To have a NEOGEO-powered console in the comfort of your own home, knowing that the meat of it all is an ARCADE unit. I dunno about you, but I'd die for a perfect port of the Samurai Showdown series. Ever since I was a kid (ahem, teenager), I've ALWAYS wanted a perfect port of those games. And then a few brawler games, and space shooters (which was all the rage at the time).

Knowing the difference in price between the perfect arcade games that were sold at $600 a piece, against the current $200. And the worst part is, those arcade games were two. hundred. dollars. a piece. We already pay $60 per game on current-gen games, but $200 per game - that's like a gun to your head.

You will never get a perfect port of those games on SNES, Genesis, 3DO, PlayStation - It's been done before. I can't say the same for those ports on PSN/XBLA, because I've never played them yet.

But I do KNOW you will never find a true, authentic NE0-GEO experience than this kind of machine.

You ever wished you owned an arcade console or machine? I bet not. That's the niche this is filling.

PirateThom2168d ago

I think people need to realise, this isn't aimed at the mass market. It's aimed at Neo Geo fans and, if you look at the price of a second hand Neo Geo on eBay, the prices line up pretty well.

I don't think people realise how seriously Neo Geo fans take the Neo Geo.

buckley2168d ago

Yes, but specifically aiming at such a niche market is a recipe for failure.

PirateThom2168d ago

Depends on the mark up and how many units they plan to sell. I doubt it's selling at a loss and I doubt they plan to manufacture millions at a time.

CarlosX3602167d ago

You would think it's crazy to create a website specifically designed for a small niche. But there are millions of them out there.