Neo Geol X Gold — a $200 hybrid Handheld Console

Take an offering for licensing the Neo Geo name, the games, and then remake them into a hybrid handheld console. That’s what the Neo Geo X Gold is and that’s exactly what SNK Playmore and Tommo will be releasing in the US this coming December 6th.

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darthv722232d ago

If they make the docking station look like a mini AES then I'm sold.

Qrphe2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

For what it does the price is ridiculous. Although it is designed beautifully and is more of a novelty than ajything else. I'd be more down for this if it had some dirt on the OpenPandora.

Also, my two cents on the nub being a digital one like the one the Neo Geo CD had (super comfortable btw) rather than an analog nub.